Buying A New Electric Bike? Use These Tips!

Posted by Carla Bruni on March 26th, 2020

Do want to buy a new electric bike? When you are choosing to buy an electric-assisted bike, it makes a lot of sense to start by setting a budget first. The entry-level bikes are not expensive, but they are not recommended for regular usage. They don’t offer the same comfort or similar durability. The entry-level models are more massive. With electric bike finance, you can buy the model you need.

How Are You Going to Use It?

Depending on the usage of the e-bike, you need to choose the adapted model—the e-bike for urban trips. Mountain e-bike, folding e-bike, cargo e-bike to take your kids along with you.

What Kind of Performance Are You Expecting?

When it comes to performance, the electric assistance is limited to 25km/hour for most of the e-bike models. The engine power can, however, make all the difference on the hills.

If you want to go fast, you need to pedal hard or opt for a model called the ‘speed bike’. These faster bikes can go up to 45km/hour and are therefore considered motor vehicles which then will need the insurance, helmet and need to be registered as well.

Which Model Should You Go For?

First you need to select the right model, so find out how you are planning to use the e-bike for. If you are planning to use the bike primarily for the city ride, you will need an e-bike with a straight position, or with the straight handlebar. In this way you can see far while keeping the arms relaxed. However, recently more versatile commuter bike and sports bikes have emerged. The models often allow you to sit in the inclined position to combine the pleasure and practicality while commuting.

E-Bike Battery

Another critical point in choosing the electric bike is the battery. These batteries can be recharged in a matter of a few hours from the traditional socket. The most common battery types are:

  • Lead-acid batteries come cheap but are heavy and sensitive to the climate variations.
  • Most used are the Li-Ion batteries, but they are the most expensive too.

Choose a battery that can be recharged easily. On full charge the battery may last for 50 to 100 km. The batteries can be charged with 220 V plug in 4 to 6 hours for full charge.


With electric bike finance readily available, you need to choose the model based on your specific needs. Be clear with what you want and test-ride the e-bike before making the payment.

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