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We often heard that By using Social Media someone is earning hundreds of lakhs of dollars. But Most of the people don’t know-how. This technique or art of making money through social media is popularly known as Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing is a type of Online Marketing which use Social networking Sites to Market a Product or service.

We all use social media platforms but only a few of them know the true potential of this. I will also tell you how you can make it as a career option for yourself.

To explain the scope of Social Media marketing I will show you some statistics and reports which can really blow your mind.

  • The total population of the world is 7.511 billion, 54 % of them are urbanized.
  • 5.007 Billion people with a penetration rate of 67% are unique mobile users
  • 3.811 Billion of people in this world are internet users with a penetration rate of 51% 
  • More than 2.895 Billion people with a penetration rate of 39% are Social media users

These statistics are going to be increased only because of the digitalization happening all over the world. Most of the social media platforms allow us to use their platform as a marketing tool. Which can be a really useful tool for small or big businesses to promote themselves.

Social Media platforms that allow anyone to run ads

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Potential of Social Media

Ever wondered!, why all these big Social Media networks or Services are like Gmail, Google, YouTube are free for us. How they generate their revenue after spending millions of billions of dollars in their technologies so that can send a photo to a friend. Sounds fishy, right?

Yes, they are giving these for free but in return, they use something more valuable to them. Your data is like gold to them they let the business use your data to target their right audience to sell their products or services.

How they use it?

People are voluntarily giving all their personal information to Facebook. So Facebook knows your name, gender, Relationships, Educations, Check-ins, Locations, or even which thing you like and your interests too.

Imagine yourself as a business owner who wants to sell a product for boys aged between 20 to 30 years old in the Hyderabad. You can select their gender, age, location, Language, education, interest and many more things like that. So there are very high possibilities that most of them will buy your Product. This is how it works.



Career and Scope in Social Media

Businesses use this platform to promote their product and services. But the problem is not everyone knows how to use this perfectly. That’s why they hire Social Media Marketers on full time, Part-time or freelance basis. Businesses already know the potential of social media and ready to pay a lot to grow their businesses.

Here are some massive examples:

Samsung spend .2 billion in advertising in 2017

P&G Spent .5 billion in ads

Google, Netflix, Amazon boosted 2017 spending 32 percent, 29 percent, and 26 percent respectively.

There is a huge growth of advertising agency comprises the market value .2 Trillion. Huge right?. You can take a part of it to by becoming a social media marketer.

No matter who you are maybe a Student or a Housewives or an entrepreneur. Anyone can do this job from wherever you are. All you need is a PC/Laptop and an Internet connection. Most of the Marketers do their work from home because it is convenient for them who also have other responsibilities like Housewives. Those people who do this from anywhere known as freelancers.

Freelancing (Ideal For Students and Housewives)

Benefits of Freelancing Social Media Marketer:
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Can decide their own salary
  • Stop working and take rest whenever they want
  • No bounded responsibilities
  • A lot to learn new and more
Disadvantages of Freelancing Social Media Marketer:
  • Work from home can be isolating. You will not have interactions with staff and other employees.
  • You can not have that bonus and health and Provident fund Benefits.
  • No Stable income, Your income will depend on work you do.
  • You need to buy a Laptop and Internet connection for you if you don’t have.
  • Handling taxes can be a headache

These are some of the benefits of Freelancing suitable for Student and Housewives. Who doesn’t have a full day to work for someone.

Social Media Use to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs mean a person who started a new business. No business can survive without customers. But all the customer have their attention in their smart devices like Smartphones and Laptops. That’s why E-Commerce these days is booming so much on the internet.

You can learn these skills so that you can benefit your business:

  • You can run ads
  • Build loyalty with your customers
  • Provide them some discount or be engaged with them.

You can also hire someone to do your job too. Freelancers are one of the best options to hire social media marketers.


You can start a freelancing business.

Suppose you started to freelance and outsource your work on a huge level Now you have other freelancers you hire to do your clients' work. And you can manage it on your own.

Also, you can have a manager to manage all this so you have your own business model in a minimum investment of money which can make you millionaire too. If you found this advice helpful we have more to tell you in person, visit us and have a seat at our Free Consultation and Digital Marketing Workshop in Amritsar.

Take care.

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