How to install curtain rod?

Posted by aihw on March 26th, 2020

Deceptively simple curtain rod is having extremely important effect however, the installation of curtain rod is not standard or unreasonable can cause trouble to the life, good curtain rod can even decide the service life of the curtain, so a lot of people want to know how to install curtain rod.

One, the installation method of curtain rod

1. Install curtain boxes

The important place that curtain box curtain installs, in order to conceal curtain shade head, the height that should decide good curtain first before construction, the height that needs according to the curtain installs curtain box.

2. Install curtain rails

Curtain track is the bracket that the curtain installs, the height that needs according to the curtain when installation will install curtain track, install curtain track inside curtain box can be more beautiful.

3. Install curtain rods

Curtain rod installation needs to set a good point first, both sides of the decorative head also want to align, after the installation of curtain rod, you can directly hang the curtain.

Two, curtain rod installation matters needing attention

Curtain rod installation is not a technical job, but it also requires careful installation.

When installing curtain rod, want to pay attention to fastness, different wall joint way also want to treat differently, in the process of installation not only should pay attention to the safety of construction, also want to ensure the quality of curtain rod installation, and when installing curtain rod must be level and straight, so hanging curtain can achieve beautiful effect.

Three, the consequences of wrong installation of curtain rod

Installation of curtain rod, if appear the effects on the life is to be reckoned with, hardware material waste, installation is the same cost again, but in fact is the double calculation, installation is firm is not only the damage to the wall, affect the overall aesthetic, falling carelessly when still can cause harm to people.

Notes for installation of curtain rod

1, depending on the situation to take different ways of connection if the wall is wood, as long as the screw to install the track directly eat in the wood to determine the position. If the wall is cement, need to use the electric drill in the location of the hole, and then the special nylon expansion pipe to knock in, and then the screw into the special nylon expansion pipe to tighten.

2, curtain hook installation matters to note if the curtain hook is used to fix the way of the curtain, then you can use the hook of different installation, forming different curtain pleats. Need to notice nevertheless is the distance between curtain hook as far as possible even, had calculated first; If any rusted hooks are found, replace them immediately or they will contaminate the curtain. In practice, you can adjust the number of pins inserted into the slot, or 3, or 4; The number of slots between each two hooks can be adjusted to adjust the effective width of the curtain.

3. Pay attention to select the bracket matching with the pole when installing to ensure the firm installation. If the bracket is too small, it may be easy to damage the bracket. On the other hand, too small bracket and the wall of the contact surface will be small, the number of installed nuts or the size of the nuts will be limited, so that the installed curtain rod is easy to be unstable.

4. Ensure that the length of standard and horizontal curtain rod should be greater than the width of window cover to avoid light leakage; Curtain rod installation should be horizontal, when necessary, use ruler to monitor the installation of curtain rod uneven. 5, curtain rod installation time choice had better choose after the new house or do the last cleaning before installing curtain rod, installed too early curtain rod will fall on a thick dust, installed too late cleaning and white. At the same time the Roman pole had better and curtain match outfit, and curtain rail can be installed in advance, had better when decorating consideration installs what kind of track.

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