Types of bomber jackets Durban for women

Posted by Ali Tariq on March 26th, 2020

The history of the bomber jacket Durban goes way back to World War 1. The piolets who flew the open cockpits used to wear these jackets. At that time, these jackets are called flight jackets. After that in World War 2, these jackets were also used by the pilots who flew over Britain and Europ. After those World Wars, people realize that they are actually too cool. Before that, they were only worn by military persons. But after that people started to wear them too. 

Those jackets were made by the skin of goat and horsehide, that’s why they work as a great insulator. Not only men, but women realize that they can also wear that jacket. There is no such condition that if you want to wear this jacket, you have to be piolet first. It is where the revolution of this jacket is started. 

When these jackets started manufacturing for women, they completely changed their looks and made themselves entirely practically attractive for women. After that day to till now, this jacket never fails to show its charm and attractiveness, especially for women. The bomber jackets Durban for women has changed its looks according to the requirements of women. And completely transform itself according to the modern requirements of fashion, fabric availability, technological changes, development in the textile industry and leather tanning. 

Given below, we are going to tell you about the types of bomber jackets that women used to wear these days. 

  • Genuine Military Item:

Some women have jackets B-13 or A-2 which their grandfather has given to them. They look way better than these available jackets because they are strong and made from durable leather, like shearling leather which is very soft having wooden pile still intact. Some of them have still historical patches on them, and these jackets still look vintage. 

  • Replicas and Nostalgia:

There are some manufacturers in Europe and North America who call themselves craftsmen. They make the replicas of these jackets. They are ambitious in their work, and they claim that they are making the rugged look, strong and original bomber jackets. Some of them are using the original faux fur for collars. Maybe they are not the original and genuine, but they are good and looks the same. As compared to the original bomber jackets, they are more like knocked back because they do not have patches on them. 

  • Women’s Style:

As compared to men, women have small waists. The earlier version of flight jackets for women have a short height. They make the waist narrow with the elastic fabric in it. The pockets of the jacket have less capacity but more refined than the men’s version. That’s why it looks more appealing for women.

  • Edgier Version:

In 1980, the movie was released named “ star wars”, they have changed the looks of the jacket, and the jackets become edgier. They made the shoulder flaps and sleeves become stylish. These jackets are now looked more graceful. 

  • Enter the Hood:

When the hoodies were introduced, these jackets also get the hood in them. This addition gives more feminine looks to the jacket and made them softer. 

  • Claret and Blue:

There is no strictness on the bomber jackets that they must be black or brown in colour because there are more beautiful colours of leather available. These women bomber jackets are made from naturally textured ostrich leather with different vibrant colours. 

  • Red Bomber Jackets:

Red bomber jackets are great for fashion. It creates a good contrast between the style of military and primary fashion colours. There are also yellow and aquamarine colours available that you can get. 

  • Jackets with Knobs on:

In the 1980s sequins are available everywhere, but it took some time to add these things into the bomber jackets for women. But now, sequins are available in every bomber jacket of women. 

  • Sleeveless Jackets:

There are also bomber jackets available in the market that comes without the sleeves. Eliminating the sleeves will allow the softer fabric of the shirt to show the arms, and that makes the bomber jacket more versatile.


Jackets are becoming more adaptable to modern fashion. Most of the women jackets Durban are almost look like men, but the material they used in their making is totally different. You can compare all the bomber jackets for women with the help of given information. 

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