Artificial Turf Installation For Your Patio

Posted by Bella Flow on March 26th, 2020

Now is the time to think about your landscaping for the spring and summer months.  If you have a patio, you may wonder what you can do to jazz it up and be different from everyone else.  One great way to do this is to have an artificial turf installation company give your patio a makeover.  But installing fake grass, you can really change how the patio looks.  It is quick and easy to do and will look amazing once you have finished.  

Artificial turf installation experts can help you decide which type of fake grass is the best for your patio.  One thing you will want to keep in mind is how much traffic you will have on your patio.  If you have a lot of foot traffic, you may need a different type of grass installed then if you do not.  

You will also want to take into consideration what you will be placed on your patio.  Many will have outdoor furniture so you should consider this.  If you do, will you be moving the furniture a lot?  If so, this can affect the type of artificial grass you install. Or if the furniture is heavy, it will affect your grass.  Plastic furniture that is lightweight will not be as much of an issue as heavy metal furniture.  

In the case that you do have heavy furniture, you should look for an artificial turf installation company that offers a strong backing on their grass.  This should signal that the blades are harder to pull out than a backing that is not robust.  You will want to stay away from grasses that are just for decorative purposes as these will not hold up.

A factor that should be considered when purchasing your artificial grass is how tall the grass will be.  Long, plush grass may look and feel nice, but it may not suit your patio very well. With heavy patio furniture, it is often best to look for shorter grass.  If you opt for longer grass, it will most likely not have the memory that the shorter grass does, so, therefore, it will not spring back to where it is supposed to be.

Something that many will not take into consideration when picking fake turf for their patio is how hot the grass will get.  Artificial turf installation employees say it is imperative to realize that direct sunlight can affect your grass.  If your patio is in the direct sunlight between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM, the fake turf can get very hot.  This will not be an issue if you do not plan on using your patio at this time.  However, if you know that you will use the patio during these hours, you can ask your artificial turf installation company if they offer fake grass that does not get quite as hot.

Installing fake turf on a patio can really make a difference.  This is something that is gaining popularity as many people love walking outside in the grass barefoot but just do not have a large enough yard.  This option is also great for those that live in apartments with no yard.  

If you are interested in artificial turf installation, call a professional company today to help you find the right grass for you!

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