Things You Should Know About Jersey French Cattle

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Jersey is one of the most popular breeds of cow.  Jersey is basically a french cattle that is usually a shade of fawn or cream originated from the Channel Island of Jersey. It is the second most popular breed in the world. The breed was brought to England in the 1740s and the United States in the 1850s.

While talking about their characteristics, the cow is small and weighs around 500 kg and the bulls weigh around 820 kg. jersey is a small little breed having long eyelashes. The coat is fawn and switches and mouths are black in color, white hair around the muzzle as well as hooves are black and tough. The popularity of this breed has made it famous for Australian livestock exports among many customers.

What is the best temperature for a jersey cow?

Jerseys are that very adaptable cow breed that can survive in extreme temperatures from hottest parts of South America to cold temperatures. And when it comes to Irish weather, this breed also survives in the same. Thus, their pleasant temperament makes them a popular addition to the list of Jersey Dairy Cow exporters. The other thing that keeps in mind is that these cows are among the most aggressive of the entire bovine.

While moving towards their resistance against the disease Jersey cows are half as likely to suffer from udder problems as compared to other cows like Holstein Friesians. 

What are the things that you need to know about while caring about this breed?

Well, this breed costs less to maintain than other breeds as it has low body-weight, small size, high fertility and can calve with ease with a low rate of dystocia.

Jersey cows can suffer from milk fever i.e. post-parturient hypocalcemia. And to know this problem you need to identify cows’ symptoms like unsteadiness, weakness, and excessive attempts to keep lying down after calving. 

To prevent the milk fever it is advised to feed the cow with a different diet. But if you find the symptoms you must immediately call your farm vet. 

Is jersey cows milk is good to drink?

Yes, the milk is quite a luxury product as the cow’s milk has very high butterfat content i.e. 4.84% which is 25% more than the average cow’s milk, and protein reaches about 3.95%, which is 18% more than other breeds’ products. While this breed has 25% more calcium in milk as compared to the average number of cows.

And in total this breed has the capacity of producing  5,000kg of milk per year which means 200,000 glasses of milk in one cow’s lifetime. There are some exceptions also as there are some of the jersey breeds that have the capacity to produce 9,000kg of milk per year that is the reason it is the best and popular among others in Australian livestock exports.

Wrapping up:

Exporters always export the best quality cow that has high milk productivity and that is the reason why Jersey Dairy Cow exporters are on top due to the cow’s characteristics and efficiency to produce high-quality milk even by eating grass and small size. 

Furthermore, the volume of milk that Jersey cow breed produces may be less than that of other cow breeds, but when it comes to concentration of components, it is much higher. These characteristics of cow make it most popular and yet a little expensive to have, but the best thing is the breed does not require your much attention. All you need to give your proper time while taking care of this breed.



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