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Posted by Mukti Soman on March 26th, 2020

Television is a medium of entertainment that has started to face tough competition from other sources. Things like online streaming of shows and OTT entertainment are becoming mainstream with each passing day. However, it is because of certain shows that television is able to still hold its ground and survive through the tough times. Reality shows, among other programs, help in ensuring that TV gets the viewership that it deserves. A lot of people may argue that reality shows do not cater to all audiences. However, the truth is that there are some shows that appeal to a large strata of people.

Shows like mtv beats have been around for a lot of years. They have been shaped and polished over the years, to make sure that they are inclusive enough for different age groups. The show is ideal for the teenage youngsters and the young adults, because they find the perfect outlet for their adrenaline rush with the help of the show. It is a reality program that builds up excitement for the contestants as well as the viewers, and is perfect for those that do not have direct access to adventure, but would love to get a taste of it.

mtv beats is also perfect for the middle age adults that work at offices and have monotonous schedules. After a tough day at work, the reality show makes for a thrilling and interesting watch. The play of power and physical prowess that is shown on the program is something that a lot of office goers or home-makers long for, but cannot easily get. With the same old politics of work and home, a lot of people finally find respite from the regular in the form of this reality show.

The show mtv beats is also a fun watch for the experienced and the veterans that like to keep up with the mentality and the thinking of the young. When you want to get a sneak peek into the minds of youngsters, the best way to do it is through reality TV that focuses on the young adults. The way the youngsters think, talk and behave can easily be seen on the show, along with a good measure of entertainment. This implies that some reality shows make sure that the television watching audiences have enough fuel to remain loyal to the good old instrument of entertainment.

Viacom18 also launched Voot, a video on-demand platform with compelling content from Viacom18 Network’s array of channels. There are shows for all age groups in various languages for daily enjoyment. Voot originals is specially curated content tailored for Indian audience.

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