Outsourcing Healthcare BPO Services in India

Posted by Rely Services Inc on March 26th, 2020

Healthcare BPO Outsourcing in India

Your Healthcare Business is growing, and you need to add staff and services, and maybe you should consider a Healthcare Business Process Outsource firm for your expansion.

Wait a minute. A What? What is a Healthcare BPO? Sure, other business sectors have Outsourcing Partners for things like customer service and sales and accounting, but Healthcare BPO Outsourcing? what can they offer a Healthcare enterprise?

Simply put, a lot. Some of the Advantages of Healthcare BPO Outsourcing can save you time, money, resources and so much more. An Outsourcing Partner can take on the overhead of space, computer hardware, software, personnel onboarding, training, HR, communications and payroll. And because of the economies of scale, these services will be yours for a fraction of what you would spend in-house.

All the things that increase your expenses but don’t add to your profitability. All the things that become a huge part of doing business but aren’t really part of your core business. Those functions are necessary, but not why you got into the Healthcare sector.

And where is the most dynamic, accessible and talent-filled market for these services? India. With a highly educated, tech-savvy workforce, where thanks to the British Empire, English is widely spoken, and the work ethic is top-notch. With a stable society and government, a dependable infrastructure, and clean, high-quality housing available to workers, and access to an expanding talent pool, you can’t do better than a Healthcare BPO in India. and Rely Services is a leading BPO using India as their core workforce.

Advantages of Outsourcing Healthcare BPO

With a myriad of services available, and being experts in each, Rely Services can offer the expertise that other Healthcare BPOs cannot.

Medical Billing Services: Essential to the operation of any practice or department, billing services and it’s efficiency drive the office forward. If the duty is done by a staff member who has other functions, the chance of errors in coding or billing submission increases. 
Medical Billing Services Outsourcing with a  Healthcare BPO can reduce costs and streamline the process.

Medical Coding Services: Again, this needs to be done by a dedicated staff member. Our highly trained coding specialists do nothing but coding, and they’re fast and efficient. Medical Coding Outsourcing allows seamless integration with your existing hardware and software. 

Medical Data Entry Services: can unify all of your  including the following:

  • Hospital Records- from every hospital
  • Medication Records- from every provider
  • Surgical Treatment Records- from every provider
  • Clinical & Healthcare Records from every hospital or clinic
  • Tests or lab Data Records- from every lab whether walk-in of hospital
  • Account and Billing Details- from every provider
  • Text and Numeric Data Entry- from all sources
  • Demographics Entries
  • Payment Posting
  • Patient Details & Chart Information- from doctors, hospitals, clinics
  • Medical Insurance Claim Forms- primary, secondary, Medicare or Medicaid
  • Charge Entries
  • Handwritten/printed Document Data Entry of all types
  • Image Record Data Entry of all types

Medical Data Entry Services Outsourcing: Unifies your procedures and eliminates duplication and other errors.

Charge Entry in Medical Billing: to be correct, access to detailed, coded charges have to be recorded and entered into the patient’s EMR. Rely Services’ specialist has an error rate of 0.01%.

Medical Accounts Receivable: When using Rely Services as your Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Firm, your seamless process continues. Your income flow can be managed using our specialized team.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: From appointment to seek medical services to when all claims and patient payments have been collected, the cycle must be error-free in all respects or the cycle breaks down and there is a delay in payment. Using Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing maximizes your chances of this process running smoothly.

Medical Claims Processing Services: Yes, it is a different language. But Rely Services speaks it fluently. Medical Claims Processing will be done quickly and on or under budget.

What’s the solution? Rely Services!

Professionals in the Healthcare sector are usually in it to help others. The hours are long and the responsibility is great. It involves both time and money to get the proper training and to stay up to date on the latest practices. It’s a satisfying career for those who’ve chosen it. Why not let a Rely Services take on the peripheral aspects of providing healthcare? 

Our Healthcare Services BPO solution offers a turn-key solution to the complex maze of regulation and industry standards.

Electronic Healthcare Records and Exchanges: Moving patient information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system, Rely Services provides the capability to electronically move clinical information among different health care information systems.

Healthcare Data Analytics: Compiling gigabits of data and analyzing them is a key element to patient healthcare. Rely Services constantly upgrades it’s software and technology to examine large volumes of data for insights for treatment.

HIPPA Compliance Consulting: Rely Services’ HIPAA consultants work with health care providers, law firms, managed care organizations, and HIPAA business associates, lending their expertise in navigating the maze of regulations.

Cost-Effective: Our clients realize a savings of up to 40% on data management costs.

Combining Electronic Medical Records with a move to a Healthcare BPO firm is a natural fit. Healthcare providers won’t have to hire new staff, or train existing staff to make the change to digital. A BPO can provide trained, experienced professionals to handle all of the migration to digital quickly, efficiently and securely.

Based on the project specifications and requirements, Rely Services applies the latest technological innovations to deliver world-class results. Our relentless pursuit of absolute perfection is on display in this sector. Rely Services is the premier Healthcare BPO firm operating in the Medical Data Entry Service field today!

  • Increased revenue
  • Dramatic Time Saving
  • Error-Free Data Entry
  • Access to Experienced and Professional Staff
  • Data Security
  • Reduction in Training Costs
  • More Time to Focus on Patient Care
  • Improvement in Patient Experience

Healthcare Outsourcing can handle some of the more daunting tasks associated with EMRs:

  • Digitization of printed paper documents
  • Digitization of handwritten notes
  • Digitization of transcriptions
  • Digitization of patient intake forms
  • Digitization of X-rays and MRIs

Healthcare BPO Services offer the perfect fit to move or maintain, your office’s record-keeping in the digital universe. Not only does it make records easier to access, it makes storage easier. Digitization is infinitely easier to search through. And it eliminates the problem of reading doctor’s famously unreadable handwriting. When you Outsource Healthcare Solutions your office gets the whole package, all at once:

Easy Accessibility: Document digitization enables an organization to access the data in digital form from anywhere, which breaks the barriers of location, time and simultaneous access.

Cost Reduction: Digitization of documents enables a provider to get rid of physical documents that consume resources such as office space, security personnel, and a decay-free environment.

Data Security: As the documents are digitized, access to digital data is easy to define. This enhances data security and guards against data leaks.

Increased Productivity: Data can be accessed by multiple departments within the practice or provider at the same time.

Data Storage and Recovery: Digitized data is easy to store at multiple locations, giving extra protection against data corruption or loss. Physical documents are more likely to be damaged, whereas digitized data is more secure and easy to replicate.

Environmentally Friendly: With digitized data, there’s no need to print it for distribution, also handling of digitized data is easy. This will ultimately result in saving natural resources, making your enterprise ‘greener’.

Competitive Advantage: When you access the digitized data, it becomes easy to find various records instantly and run analytical diagnosis which can yield important insights.

Contact Rely Services today for a no-cost evaluation of your opportunities Outsourcing Healthcare BPO Services in India!

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