Is CCNA Certification worth the Cost, Time and Effort

Posted by Ankita Dave on March 26th, 2020

If you are thinking to step in the field of networking then you would have heard the term called CCNA. Cisco Certified Networking Associate is abbreviated as CCNA. It is a certification program conducted by Cisco. This certification was once considered as the most prestigious certification in the IT industry. But with the evolution of time, people are raising questions on its worth. Now a debate has begun if CCNA certification worth cost, time and effort. Let’s find the benefits of CCNA according to current requirements of the industry. 

Reasons of why CCNA worth the Cost, Time and Effort

  •  Foundation course

If you want to make a career in networking then CCNA can be the right thing to start with. According to the hierarchy of networking certification, CCNA is the beginner level certification involving the curriculum of CCENT (the foundation). So CCNA saves time and efforts to qualify CCENT and also fulfills the eligibility criteria to pursue higher certification programs like CCA, CCIE, and CCNP.

  • Mark of knowledge

Nothing can become a substitute of knowledge and a certificate can mark the knowledge on different parameters. This certification involves an intensive and vast curriculum. The candidate needs to clear examination for all the concepts through written examination and practical evaluation. Getting certification with good grades ensures that the candidate has a deep level understanding of the core concepts.

  • Bridge for non-IT candidates

People who have non-technical background can see CCNA certification as key to step in the IT industry. As CCNA covers most basic networking concepts, it can become a bridge for non-candidates to acquire skills and fit in the industry. These candidates can doubtlessly apply in entry-level positions in the networking team. So open your door to the IT industry by enrolling in this program, you can take guidance from NG Networks for CCNA course training. Their faculty is considered as the best in the town.

  • Increases the scope of the appraisal

After getting a certification from a well-known organization like Cisco, the candidate can expect a hike in the current salary. Experience plays a prominent role but CCNA is considered as a hard nut to crack. Preparing and qualifying this certification will polish your skills and help you to implement all the basic networking concepts in real to fix network related issues.

  • Globally acknowledged

Cisco is reputed organizations and all its certification programs are respected through the globe. The prime reason behind this is the comprehensive course which comprises of nearly every concept of networking in depth. Even these theoretical concepts are implemented in the real world in a practical session. So Cisco certified candidate is known as an expert who is well versed about the real-world problem and knows to troubleshoot way too.

  • Frequently updated curriculum

CCNA certification is valid for 3 years and is updated frequently according to technological advancement. This ensures that you get to learn and implement the latest stuff. This helps the enrolled candidates to be in pace with the industry requirements and also be a step ahead from others.

So after discussing all the factors and benefits of CCNA certification, we have concluded that definitely, CCNA certification is worthy to invest time, cost and efforts. If you are looking for CCNA training in Gurgaon then contact NG Networks. They have experienced many years to teach CCNA course with a practical approach. Flexible batches are available for the candidates.

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