Should Your Go for Fence Rental or Fence Purchase?

Posted by nescaffold on March 26th, 2020

A recurring and the most common question for construction site managers, contractors, and owners is whether they should go for fence rental or buy. While buying is a long-term investment since you can use and re-use any time that you want, hiring them is a better economic decision. The following insights can help you to decide whether to lease or buy fences.

  1. Financial consideration

The first factor to consider is the cost associated with renting and buying fences. Temporary fencing requires that you hire the fence, especially if you are having it running for a short period. Since the initial costs of acquiring such fences are considerably high, it would be a viable economic decision to rent instead of buying.

Also, there are other considerations, all revolving around spending money on the fences. When you buy yours, you will have to foot all the transportation and security costs associated with their movement and storage. By hiring them, however, the rental company becomes the one to worry about their safety.

  1. Storage considerations

Once you decide to buy fences, you will have to make plans for the storage facility to keep them in when they are not in use. How about when you have a large job site that needs a large number of fences? It would be a headache looking for storage facilities for the resources, not forgetting providing enough security for them, which will also increase the costs thereof.

By hiring from an established company, their storage will no longer be one of your worries. The company takes care of that whenever the fences are not in use and back to their facility. Why not then hire and save yourself from such headaches and added financial constraints?

  1. Duration of the job is key too

This is also among the most important consideration when deciding whether to buy or rent scaffolds. Arguably, it is beneficial and economically viable to buy fences if you have a job site that will be functional for at least one year or more. It would not make an economic sense to hire fences for two or more years and, therefore, buying becomes essential.

If the project duration is not expected to be longer, hiring fences is the best decision in that case. It will save you from the initial acquisition costs as well as the other costs, as mentioned above.

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