4 Blackhat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid Using In 2020

Posted by Mike on March 26th, 2020

If you don’t know what blackhat SEO techniques are, we will cut it short for you! Blackhat SEO is the process in which different techniques are used to rank high on Google. But as the name indicates, these techniques are “black,” and they don’t follow the rules and guidelines of Google. 

Therefore, they are extremely risky. You might be wondering why someone would use risky techniques knowing that if Google and the crawlers find out, they are going to de-index the site? Well, the answer is simple here that getting ranked is one tough and long competitive race, and people are ready to go to any extent to rank their sites on top. 

Even some of the best SEO Services in Dubai use blackhat SEO techniques because they know that even with all the risks involved, their techniques will provide quicker results. Yes, whitehat SEO techniques are also used, and they are just by what Google requires, but this process takes plenty of time to work. 

4 Blackhat SEO Techniques To Avoid:

It is 2020, and if you think you are smart enough to fool Google, you are probably wrong here. Even an SEO company knows that Google has now grown smarter than ever, and the crawlers are always trying to figure out the sites that are using wrong tactics to boost their rankings. 

In simpler words, when it comes to black hat SEO, you are supposed to be very careful with the techniques you are using. Speaking of which, here are some of them that you need to avoid at any given cost: 

1. Cloaking:

Cloaking won’t take you anywhere. But this technique will increase your risk of getting caught by the crawlers. For those who don’t know, cloaking is a technique used by websites to trick the search engine spiders and the users as well. In this technique, what happens is that two different sets of information are delivered. 

One set is delivered to the spiders to boost rankings, and the second set is delivered to the users for information. What you need to know is that this technique used to bring results, but it was long ago. Now, the search engine spiders don’t index such a site that uses the cloaking technique. Google can now penalize you on this, so it is better to avoid it. 

2. Paid Links: 

There was a time when all that mattered to Google was link building. Google didn’t bother if it was paid or organic, but now as the competition among websites has grown stronger, Google makes sure to rank only those sites that are worth it. 

Speaking of being worthy, you are supposed to avoid using paid links on your website because if you get caught, there’s a massive risk of getting your site de-indexed within minutes. You don’t want this to happen to your site, and this is why you should be focusing more on the generation of organic links. 

3. Doorway Pages:

If you are trying to transfer your visitors from one result to another, and trying to fool the search engines with doorway pages or gateway pages, this will be the biggest mistake you will make. 

The technique to use bridge pages used to be very famous in the black hat SEO, but now it is just like playing with a huge risk. Hiring the best SEO services is what can help you here. These people at least know why and how you shouldn’t go against the policies of Google. 

4. Clickbait:

Want more clicks? We know you do, and there are plenty of other sites that wish the same, but guess what? Opting for click baits will just lead your site to epic failure. Thus, don’t even think about it. 

Yes, the clickbait titles and the images make the readers curious. But eventually, the crawlers will get to you, and they will bring your sites ranking down to a point where you can’t even imagine. 


These are the main black hat SEO techniques that you should avoid this year. If you want quicker results and can’t wait to see your website on top, hire a Dubai SEO company and let the professionals fix things for you.  

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