Superfoods Market Research Demand and Analysis 2023

Posted by Pradeep Zende on March 26th, 2020

Superfood is an umbrella term used to refer different types of food which have high nutritional benefits. Urbanization has drastically changed lifestyles and diets of a large majority the population in urban areas. High availability of unhealthy snacks and their easy affordability have led to largely unhealthy diets which have resulted in increasing occurrences of diabetes, and high obesity rates. This has increased the demand for nutritionally dense food.

Market Research Future's report on the global Superfoods Market Research covers every significant nuance of the market and offers various observations along with predictions for the upcoming forecast period.

Increasing occurrences of chronic diseases have led to a shift in consumer preferences to healthier lifestyles. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their well-being and are actively working to improve it. This has led to a boost in demand for nutrient dense food items. Consumers are now willing to try new things which have further increased the popularity of superfoods. Another factor influencing unhealthy lifestyle and the consumer shift to healthier options is convenience and functionality. Until recently, conveniently available food items were not necessarily the healthiest options for which the demand has increased. Market players are actively involved in product innovations with new products like beverages with superfood ingredients, and snack bars, becoming highly popular. 

Blueberries, acai, kale, chia seeds, spirulina, and goji berries are among some of the most well-known superfoods. They are available in a number of forms, ranging from supplements to powders for addition to food and beverages. Increased convenience in availability and use of superfoods are expected to add to their popularity. Another factor influencing the growth of the superfood market is the increasing number of social media influencers which use brightly colored superfoods in their content and often advertise products for market players. Many superfoods although hailed for their nutritional benefits, are not strictly proven by science and some may even have adverse effects in large quantities thus leading to product recalls. This is likely to challenge the market. Additionally, many superfoods are unaffordable, thus restraining growth. 

Market Segmentation

The global superfoods market is segmented into distribution channel, product type, and application. Various types of superfoods exist and have been broadly classified in the report into superfruits, superseeds, super grains, edible seaweed, and other superfoods. Applications of these superfoods primarily include beverages, snacks, supplements, bakery & confectionery, and others. Distribution of superfoods and superfood items is broadly divided between store-based and nonstore based. Store-based distribution channels include supermarkets, hypermarkets, and others, while non-store based distribution channel largely discusses e-commerce.

Regional Analysis

North America and Europe represent key markets with similar growth patterns. North American, in particular, has a high population of obese individuals and diabetics who are looking for healthy food items to assist in managing their condition or reducing weight. As such, superfoods have a high adoption rate in the region.

The Asia Pacific is another significant market of note due to the regions high ability to produce a number of superfoods which are natural to the region. For instance, ginseng, goji berries, and garcinia are among some of the more popular superfood items which are native to the region. Moreover, countries such as India and China have a long history of using highly potent and nutritious plants, fruits, and other superfoods to alleviate a variety of problems.

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The Rest of the world also offers growth opportunities to the market, as items such as maca root, quinoa, and several others are popularly native to South American countries, thus driving production.

Key Players

Several important market participants have been analyzed and added to the report Archer Daniels Midland, Nutiva, Creative Nature, Del Monte Pacific Group, Sunfood Superfoods, NUA Naturals, Healthy Truth, and others. These players are actively developing new and innovative products which offer convenience while maintaining high nutritional value.

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