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Before we start our topic first we need to understand what is cable internet?

Cable internet or internet connection through cable lines are basically a connection system in which internet connection are transmitted through cable lines. To process or enable this system one requires a cable modem installation to work as a converter for those transmissions. If we compare internet cable connection with DSL services then cable internet is far cheaper and provide affordable high speed internet in USA. Even if we talk about basic internet speed carried by cable lines is average 6Mbps to 18 Mbps and that is the lowest speed rate of cable internet connection.

By the time the use of internet through cable lines gone through many development and advancement to make it more efficient and useful for customer in USA. Approximately all the providers in USA are using these advancement to improve their services for customers. Through it continuous advancement and trusted reliability many areas (household & business places) are using cable internet connection. Although main requirement have been improved in cable line system but still there are some drawback in it that makes the DSL user to avoid cable internet system.


The use of cable internet emerges when people mostly start relying on cable line setup for television services this lead the provider to develop a combination of a new plan to join internet services with cable TV. Cable internet transmit it data through the same wire that is used transmit TV data. But one must keep this thing in mind as the wire is being use for dual purpose and being used by multiple user it might affects the internet speed. To access cable internet one require a cable modem device that plays an important role to transmit those data from wire to desired system. The basic speed of internet usage depends on the package you sign up for because the cable TV wire can hold the load of data for internet. The only reason when TV wire and internet wire can collapse for slow speed is when the wire speed that it must be old or damaged. The transmitted digital data can either be internal or external. The speed of sending and receiving internet data varies with the number of megabits per second or Mbps.


Cable internet connection doesn’t require any phone line connection to enable internet connection. This is probably the greatest advantage to not depending on telephone and your connection won’t get interrupted due to any issue in telephone. As no phone is required in cable internet connection that means you don’t have to pay more dial up fees. You can enjoy internet connection without being limited.

Cable internet connection provide a high speed data connection if there are fewer users compared to other broadband connection it provide faster and high speed connection. Internet connection using a cable modem usually assures a higher bandwidth, and more bandwidth means a faster internet speed

Unlike the other internet services, you are no longer strictly limited to a specific location or area. A user residing in an area at a great distance from the cable company’s service center can still use and enjoy their perfect service

Cable internet gives a steady internet connection having consistent and reliable signals since the location of the users are no longer limited with this type of internet broadband. Otherwise consistent internet connectivity is a major issue faced by customer after installing internet connection.  The reliability of cable internet plus the fact that the signals do not drop make it more appealing

Just like any other broadband customer services if you face any kind of an internet connection issues you can simply contact to your provider customer services option to reduce your connection error. This simply builds up reliability of the provider.


  • One of the disadvantages of using cable internet is during the peak hours. As cable internet and cable TV wire are same so users in bulk number would affect the internet speed.
  • Sometimes having Cable TV would not provide you the benefit to enjoy internet services it’s mainly because of internet availability term. If the provider is not internet services to your area then one could not enjoy
  • Cable modem device is not capable for handling multiple internet users at a time that results in low speed internet.
  • Sometimes the internet speed showed to you is not what you got. It’s mainly because internet provider puts restriction or limitation on internet usage which results in lower bandwidth.

Using cable internet or internet through cable lines has its own advantage and disadvantages. You may come to a point when you question yourself if cable internet is the correct choice for you. There are about 456 providers in the US offering cable service. Going through all of them might cause you a lot of time. For your benefit, here are the top companies providing the pre-eminent cable internet service.


Charter spectrum is one of the reliable and leading companies USA who is providing cable internet connection to nearly 45 states that covers a large number of consumer need. We all want more advantages than drawbacks and Spectrum understands that. For cable internet deals and services that would fit your needs, Spectrum internet has prepared a variety of plans for you. What makes them customer-friendly is that they are one of the few internet providers that deliver internet service without a contract.

  • Spectrum Internet- for only .99 per month for 12 months, this offers an internet speed up to 60Mbps.
  • TV Select and Spectrum Internet- for only .98 per month for 12 months, this deal comes with more than 125 channels for your cable TV along with an internet speed of up to 60Mbps. It also offers free DVR service for your first box with no model charge.
  • Select Triple Play- your .97 per month for 12 months will not be put to waste with Spectrum’s Select Triple Play that offers more than 125 channels with an internet speed of up to 60Mbps. It also comes with an unlimited calling with voicemail. Along with this deal is a free DVR service for your first box with no modem charge

Cable internet comes with pro and cons but right provider with good terms and condition offered in a plan or package that you select could give you a chance to avail a good cable line internet service. Cable internet service is always affordable and offers high speed internet packages but  yes there are some drawback too but those are such drawback that can be overcome if one use it logically.

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