Importance of vulcanizing agent for the production and processing of silicone pr

Posted by hw on March 27th, 2020

Silicone raw materials and synthetic silicone rubber are indispensable for a variety of catalysts and mediation of silica dioxide. The same semi-finished raw materials are indispensable for the production of silicone products during the molding and vulcanization process. Different effects can be obtained, and the role of vulcanizing agent is a very important auxiliary material in silicone products.

Generally ordinary vulcanizing agent is an environmentally-friendly transparent type, which is used for vulcanization of ordinary molded silicone products. The main features are transparent, common tablets, and common. Most silicone products will choose this type of vulcanizing agent without special requirements. , Mainly used in industrial parts, electronic silicone parts, silicone seals and other categories occupy the majority, belonging to the national standard model products!

Food-grade environmentally friendly vulcanizing agent is a kind of odorless, environmentally friendly and efficient product. It is mainly used in the molding of silicone rubber products to contact the human skin. White product, tasteless after one vulcanization, better in two-stage vulcanization (160 ℃; 20 minutes), the product is flammable, please add two kilograms of silicone vulcanizing agent and the same proportion of strengthening agent before mixing Add the remaining ingredients quickly to avoid fire.

Transparent colloidal environmentally friendly anti-yellowing vulcanizing agent. It is also used in the molding and curing process of silicone products. It is used for long-term use in high-quality products. Transparent or white parts, which can ensure multiple vulcanization at high temperature (or bake for about 4 hours within 200 ° C), the product does not change yellow. It is suitable for colored parts to resist yellowing, and it can ensure that colored parts do not change color after vulcanization Does not change color after long-term use!

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