VPS Server: What Is VPS And Who Is It For?

Posted by Infosky Solutions on March 27th, 2020

VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. In this type of hosting, using a technique known as virtualization, an extremely robust physical server which is divided for creating several virtual servers and these are virtually isolated from each other. While sharing physical resources, such as processing, traffic, disk space, and RAM are fully dedicated to each virtual server. Each VPS Server works as if it were a dedicated server, although it has less processing power than dedicated server.

Who is a VPS Server for?

If you are expanding your website or need more control over your applications, then choosing the best VPS hosting company in Pune. This can be a great option for you. Usually a VPS Server is recommended for sites whose memory and processing resources can be served by shared plans, but which require other resources available only in dedicated plans, such as:

  • Moderate to high sending of emails (specific use)
  • Custom firewall
  • Global variable PHP modifications

VPS servers are also ideal for web professionals like developers who looking for hosting for JSP (Java / Tomcat), and PostgreSQL applications, for example. In addition, it is an interesting resource for companies that work with sending email marketing, since they have a much more elastic limit. While on shared servers there is a limit of 500 emails per hour, on VPS servers this limit can reach 10,000 emails per hour.

Advantages of VPS server hosting

Autonomy and customization capacity- to configuring the server according to your needs, you will have full control over the administrative panel and will. So be able to install, and run all the applications you want, customize your DNS based on your domain, and manage your hosting through the cPanel / WHM control panel.

Easy expansion- you can able to upgrade to another mode whenever your site grows. Because of this feature, VPS servers are an excellent choice for sites that start small, but do not want to miss the opportunity to expand quickly.

Security- your website will be hosted in an environment with multiple layers of security with free IPTables Firewall, Centralized DDoS Protection and secure Firewall, in addition to the free SSL Certificate available. As a result, safety concerns are considerably reduced.

Low cost- although it has many characteristics of a dedicated server, VPS servers have an excellent cost-benefit ratio, with values ​​that vary according to the chosen plan.

Conclusion: How do you know if you need a VPS or Dedicated Server?

In VPS, it is possible to have root access, which guarantees autonomy when configuring and customizing the system. Like the VPS, the dedicated server guarantees great autonomy. Because it offers an exclusive, scalable and very stable environment. The infrastructure of a dedicated server is more expensive.

So, along with VPS, Did you like the above options and features that a dedicated server can offer for your project?

Now it’s time to hire the best dedicated server provider in Pune. Check out the new dedicated Server plans that they offers!

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