What kinds of towels do you have?

Posted by hw on March 27th, 2020

A towel is a piece of fabric used to dry or wipe moisture off the body surface. It absorbs water through direct contact, or it is cleaned by wiping.

Types of towels

In the home, use several types of towels, including hand towels, bath towels, and kitchen towels. In warm climates, people can also use beach towels.

The towel, which is used to dry the body after a bath or shower, is usually rectangular and has a base size of 30 inches by 60 inches (76 cm by 152 cm) and is made of terry cloth.

Beach towels are usually larger than bath towels. It is usually used for swimming or to dry the body after coming out of the water, but its main purpose is to provide a place to lie down. It can also be used to change clothes in public areas to protect privacy and to wipe sand off the body. Beach towels often have colorful patterns.

A pad is a small rectangular towel that, in the absence of a carpet, is placed on the bathroom floor to stand after a shower or bath.

The towel is significantly smaller than the bath towel (the basic size is 12 inches by 24 inches (30 cm by 61 cm)) and is used to wipe hands after washing hands.

Disposable towels (or non-woven towels) are towels that are used once, but not necessarily for a single use. They can be reused without washing. It is usually made of non-woven fiber and is popular in hospitals, hotels, the elderly and salons or beauty industries because it guarantees cleanliness and hygiene every time.

A decorative towel is a washed towel or towel that is lined with satin, lace, or linen, or embroidered on it, mainly to "look beautiful." They are used to add a decorative touch - usually in a bathroom - and are most commonly found in the United States. They are not usually used for drying, as regular washing destroys the additional trim and towels are easily damaged.

The sport towel or (synthetic) suede was originally developed for swimmers and divers and is popular for its super absorbent properties. Sports towels can be wrung out when saturated, so that the towel can absorb moisture again, but not dry. These qualities, and their compactness, further popularize the average outdoor sports lover and make them a favorite sport towel for sports lovers. The absorbent material in sports towels may consist of viscose, PVA, or ultrafine fibers, of which polyester is woven for durability. Some manufacturers incorporate silver ions or compounds into their towels to better inhibit microbial growth and associated odors.

Use a sports or fitness towel, usually similar in size to a hand towel, to wipe off sweat or to create a barrier between the machine and the skin during exercise. You can also wipe the fitness machine, which is usually used in the gym.

A kitchen towel is a dish towel or a wipe on the kitchen.

A tea towel (British English) or dish towel (American) is a cloth used to clean dishes, dishes, etc after washing. In 18th century England, the tea towel was a special dry linen cloth used by the hostess to dry her precious and expensive Chinese tea. Servants were thought to place too much trust in the delicate work, although maids were accused of knitting linen with hand-wrapped edges when their main duties were performed. Tea towels have been mass-produced since the industrial.

A face towel is a small square about the width of a hand towel used for wetting. This increases wear and tear and can remove dead skin cells from the skin more effectively than applying and rubbing soap manually.

Wet towels are used by the Japanese to clean their hands before eating. It is often given to customers of izakaya.

A golf towel is a small towel, usually with a hanging ring or attached to a golf bag for wiping hands, balls, and clubs.

The baby towels are smaller towel that features an extra sewn hat to cover the baby's head.


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