Ovomucin Market Forecast Report on Smart Glass 2019-2027

Posted by Amy on March 27th, 2020

Market Outlook

Ovomucin is a glycoprotein found in egg white, vitelline membrane, chalaza. Glycoproteins are proteins which consist of glycan or oligosaccharide are covalently attached to polypeptides. Ovomucin after separation from other egg white is protein is used as it is or after modification with enzymes in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and others. Egg white protein powder, dietary supplements and other egg white product consist of ovomucin as the main ingredient in it. Therefore the growing market of egg white protein is expected to boost the market of ovomucin over the forecast period. Ovomucin is rich in protein content so the demand for it is expected to rise as a dietary supplement. The ovomucin functions as thickening, emulsifying and binding agent attributing the wide range of application in bakery, confectionery, pharmaceutical, nutrition and other industries. The egg white peptides have high heat stability and so can be used in the preparation of various processed food products which required heat pasteurization as it does not get coagulated. With more advanced scientific research studies going on ovomucin applications in the food industry is expected to grow the market over the forecast period.

Growing Demand of Egg White Protein is Expected to Boost the Market of Ovomucin

Egg white proteins are popular as a supplement due to its various functional advantages. It contains all the essential nine amino acids and vitamins vital for the human body. There is an increase in the use of ovomucin peptides in sports nutrition products. The demand for protein powders among health-conscious individuals is rising as a consistent supply of proteins is considered absolutely essential for muscle growth, as protein helps in building muscle mass and repairing damaged muscle tissue. Egg protein ingredients are added to various products such as dairy, bakery, confectionery and others to enhance their properties. Egg proteins improve product texture, consistency, uniformity and taste. Fortification of egg protein such as ovomucin increase the quality of food and also improves the protein content. Fortification and standardization of foods are gaining popularity among the consumers due to the rising preference for adequate proteins in everyday foods. The demand for ovomucin is expected to grow in pharmaceuticals as it helps in preventing cancer and hence can grow its demand in the manufacturing of cancer protecting drugs. Ovomucin also acts as a tumor-suppressing agent and hinders the growth of tumor cells.

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Ovomucin Market: Key Players

The key market players operating in ovomucin market Merck & Co. Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., BD biosciences, Kewpie Corporation, Aqua Lab Technologies. Protein fortification and standardization is expected to propel the market due to high usage of protein in sports, bodybuilding products.

Ovomucin Market Opportunities

It is anticipated that ongoing research on egg white protein and ovomucin will widen its scope of application. Various scientific studies suggest that egg white proteins such as ovomucin absorb more amino acids and proteins than other free forms, which is expected to attract the attention of manufacturers of various protein supplements. Researches are going on which are expected to show results of ovomucin as sleep enhancers. Ovomucin is expected to increase its demand for hair nourishment products as it protects it from drying and damage. It is also expected to be used in skin care products such as face packs, face wash, creams and others. The researchers are focused on improving the techniques for the isolation of ovomucin from egg white for commercial purpose.

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