Do You Need To Buy Microsoft Office?

Posted by rockmartin on March 27th, 2020

There are different ways you can explore Microsoft Office. To begin with, buy a subscription to Office 365, which allows you to view the full updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook on your PC, tablet, or smart devices. Moreover, you get a publisher and access; however, you can only use these on a PC.

Users get 1TB of storage space on Microsoft’s cloud service and One Drive 5 GB free. For personal use, it will cost you £59.99 a year for one to buy Microsoft office package like this. However, if you want to get Office 365 home that gives you six different logins, £79.99 a year will do the trick. On both options, users have access to every new update, like new tools, security updates, and bug fixes.

What Are The Pros Of Google Docs Other Than The Cost?

The platform is straightforward to use since it comes with tones of features meant for more advanced users. A great example is the Word's reference menu that helps you write in an academic format. This also makes its programs very easy to use. Moreover, you can eliminate any features you do not use. This means no more scrolling through endless menus when looking for the spell checker.

Users get extra frees storage space since Google drive gives you 15 GB of free storage space; triple the amount Microsoft offers for free.

Google as a powerful machine, Auto Saves everything you do to Google Drive as default; this also means you will not lose any work since every click and keystroke is saved. Even though the web version of Microsoft Office does the same, if your PC is using the PC version, it auto saves to the local hard drive after some minutes. However, if you want to save more often, you can tweak your settings accordingly.

GHI TIP: To have access to a new document, sheet or slide, all you have do is type docs new, sheets new or slides new into the address wrong of your chrome browser.

What Are The Pros Of Microsoft Office?

To begin with, it comes with tones of templates to explore. No matter the type of document you are creating, you will always find one model for it right on Microsoft Office. This comes in handy when creating files like CVs, flyers and even letters. Compared to creating documents like this in Google, you will find using Microsoft very easy. It even offers you more control.

When using Microsoft, you do not need any internet connection. The big problem of using Google's free service is your personal web browser, since the platform mainly relays on internet connection. For instance, if you lose your internet access, you will not be able to access your files any more. Google Doc can be used offline, but it is more advanced and fiddly to set up. However, with Microsoft office, you have everything available online and offline.

You have access to a wide range of apps on Microsoft office. This means with you paid subscriptions you do not just get Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Users also have access to Outlook, which is for you emails, publisher to create more professional document and files. You can also get the Access database software.

With Microsoft Office and the best windows 10 price, you can edit more file types. Unlink like Google Doc, which does not allow you to edit PDF.

Our Verdict

You cannot avoid getting Microsoft Office subscription especially if you student of professional. However, if you intend to use software for light word processing and data entry, then the Google Docs Suite there to help you.

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