Naotsune Alliance Annual Investor Survey: Japanese Women Feeling Better about Th

Posted by Donald Hood on March 27th, 2020

1888PressRelease - Despite that, their keen focus on day-to-day finances may deter longer-term financial goals.

Naotsune Alliance, a financial adviser for the world of business that provides discretionary investment advisory services for individual clients, wealthy families, institutional investors and investment trusts is pleased to announce that Japanese women are feeling more optimistic about their financial futures and confident about their money decisions compared with a year ago, according to the latest investor survey. The survey also suggests that men and women have lessons to learn from one another, particularly when it comes to planning for retirement.

About half (52%) of women report feeling positive about their financial futures, compared with 48% one year ago, and 44% say they are confident they are making the right savings and investment decisions, compared with 33% one year ago.

Both women and men put a high priority on saving to ensure they live comfortably in retirement. But women are considerably less likely than men to actually be saving for retirement. Perhaps as a result, women are more concerned than men about their ability to meet their retirement goals.

“It’s clear that women need to become much more active in managing their money toward urgent long-term goals – particularly retirement,” said Narumi Ando, head of Personal Investing at Naotsune Alliance. “But our survey also indicates that women have some key positive financial instincts that can lend valuable support to their saving and investing efforts.”

Despite the similarity in both expectation and shortfall, only 38% of men express concern regarding their ability to achieve the annual income goal they need in retirement. A much more realistic 54% of women expressed the same concern.

The good news is that 53% of women indicated that they took advantage of a workplace retirement savings plan to get started investing, compared with 41% of men. “For women, workplace plans represent a critical step towards their most important financial goals, suggesting that employers need to keep the characteristics and needs particularly of women firmly in mind in their efforts to help their employees become more effective savers and investors,” said Narumi Ando.

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Naotsune Alliance is a financial adviser for the world of business, a world in which community is key. The company’s memberships, partnerships and associations are chosen with care, and its selectiveness ensures it is connected to the right people and have access to the best and most up-to-date knowledge. Our main products are Japanese equity funds utilizing Naotsune Alliance’s research ability for Japanese companies cantered on mid-small cap companies, start-ups and IPOs. Naotsune Alliance also manages funds with external asset managers and funds managed by prominent asset managers located all over the world.

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