Dedicated server for online games: understand the importance

Posted by jason stewart on March 27th, 2020

When it comes to online games, having a best dedicated server hosting uk for games is the most recommended for sites and applications that show high traffic and lack of stability. This virtual area has evolved a lot in the last few years and the possibility of playing with people from all over the world in real-time stimulates, even more, the imagination of these users.

When instability problems occur, the gamers' experience becomes compromised and, to avoid this situation, it is important to have a dedicated server. Unlike shared hosting, the dedicated solution is for the exclusive use of those who hire. The exclusive servers provide a service for only one client, which optimizes stability and provides greater security against falls or network failures.

We have prepared this text so that you understand the importance of having dedicated servers for games. Check it out now!

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2 Factors that impact the quality of an online game

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4 What to evaluate when choosing a server

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Dedicated game server

The evolution of online games is notorious in recent times. There was a significant improvement in graphics, realism and greater interactivity between players from all over the world, which provides greater immersion of players in the content of games. All of this contrasts with the viability of multiple users being able to play on a network.

Thus, a player residing in Brazil can play at the same time with another player who is in another part of the world. All this innovation aims to provide greater advantage of graphics and interactivity of current games, thus resulting in a large amount of data traffic.

This volume of information needs to have a server colocation with high storage capacity. Therefore, the dedicated service is ideal for this practice. It consists of equipment that is in operation at all times. In the case of virtual game companies, its use is capable of supporting a huge number of accesses, which provides a better experience for users.

The dedicated server is one of the personal email hosting options that have a high cost, however, issues such as flexibility, security, and customization are usually very worthwhile for those who need large data traffic.

Factors that impact the quality of an online game

If a dedicated server is essential for online games to function properly, this also applies to their location. So, imagine the following situation: a user starts a game in Brazil. The information related to the game will cover a great path from one country to another.

This huge distance will certainly influence the pace and quality of the game, even more so that the course can cause slow and crashing effects for several players. In addition to this connection hitch, there is also the issue of high latency, known to gamers as "ping"

High latency causes game delays, as the time it takes for a data packet to reach the server and return to the sender is quite high. Thus, the lower the latency record, the better the game will load. This is to prevent possible disconnection.

The latency level considered most appropriate is when it is less than 100 ms. However, if the server is located in a very distant location, the latency measurement can be between 100 ms and 200 ms, thus causing some crashes to start.

If during the period of sending and returning the given packages, there is a lot of fluctuation, the quality of the game becomes compromised. A classic example of this is when the characters' lines have cuts or short pauses.

Benefits of a good dedicated server

Check now some benefits of having a dedicated server.

Greater bandwidth

With this type of server, by not sharing the best email hosting, it becomes possible to organize and store a large amount of data, which avoids the occurrence of risks caused by lack of space, slow loading or being out of air.

In addition to storage, memory and processing are also improved in dedicated solutions. It is noteworthy that the games use a very large amount of RAM. Therefore, it is not recommended to share resources with other applications.

Information security

A great benefit of the dedicated server is information security. This is because users do not share space with others or with websites. This separation helps the data to become protected, reducing the ease of access by other people, in addition to preventing failures as occurs in shared servers.


The dedicated server has much more accessibility when compared to the shared one, because the space offered, being much larger, simplifies navigation, which prevents high traffic. With it, it is possible to escape the slow loading of a game, as well as prevent it from going down with a large number of users.


There is freedom in this server model, which is very advantageous for those who need a dedicated server for games. Unlike the mechanism that provides shared hosting, the dedicated server allows you more freedom to perform advanced configurations.

In this way, you can promote the installation of modules, plugins and scripts that some shared servers do not authorize and, in this way, make the site much more attractive and differentiated to the eyes of the players.

What to evaluate when choosing a server

For those who have an online games project, it is interesting to analyze some issues when choosing a dedicated server. Here are some of them.


You should know if the cheap email hosting company that provides the dedicated server offers quality, full-time technical support. Technical help is a very important issue to solve any type of problem that may happen with the virtual games website.


Take a good look at what resources the hosting company makes available for the dedicated server, such as the volume of RAM, disk storage and monthly traffic.

Refund and cancellation

It is interesting to know how the money refund and cancellation issue is in case there is a problem with the server, as certain web hosting companies work with unique refund policies.

Anyway, games have already proved to be an excellent means of entertainment and growing every day. But, for this, having a dedicated server for games is essential for a quality experience for users.


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