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Posted by Ho Yao on March 27th, 2020

Are you in urgent need of history home teaching? Examinations are just around the corner and you need a tutor at home history tuition?

With expertise in Pure / Combined Humanities subjects in any combination: History, Social Studies and Geography, our Private History Tutors will be able to provide successful history tutoring for your child and help your child grow an interest in the subject matter and boost his / her grades in history exams.

History as Humanity Subject in Secondary School

History Tutor in Singapore Being introduced to primary school social studies, education in secondary school is definitely not new. History, however, is one of the examinable subjects in high school, unlike social studies back in elementary school. It is a field of research for very complex humanities.

The relevance of the subject of history has also been challenged. It is the study of the past and history of how people and cultures act, and how the past has helped to build the world in which we live today. It helps us to learn from and use the successes and mistakes of those who came before us to build a better future for our next generation.

History plays a critical role in the creation of the student's own identity through an intimate, national and international understanding of the past. It will set off their interest and inspire them in the past with people's values, decisions and dilemmas. Students must examine and assess the causes and implications of historical events and circumstances for O-level history exams, as well as interpret and collect knowledge from multiple sources of information and facts from a range of media to support their conclusion

Like other subjects, it is a subject that needs more than simply memorizing in O level exams. They are expected to have a variety of skills in drawing conclusions to help their interferences in order to perform well in O level history exam. Most history students fail in their history exams, because despite studying the inference and analytical skills, they are not skilled in this field. They just don't know how to apply them correctly in history exams.

The team of experienced O-level history tutors will be able to give your child the successful history home tuition to help him develop a strong interest in the subject and boost his grades for O-level history exams if you find O-level history tuition. O level history tuition should also provide your child with an argumentative essay in writing and articulate his point of view in the past O level exams.

History Tuition Widely regarded as one of Junior College (JC)'s most challenging subjects for humanities, many A-level students are struggling to study for history exams. History in JC is on a whole new stage, compared to O-level Past. The students are expected to have a better understanding of the topics and critical knowledge. With the information, by analyzing sources and making rational arguments, they are expected to tackle tricky questions by analysis and stand on the issues raised by the case studies. A level History tuition in Singapore can also prove to be successful in helping your child cope with the H2 History workload, and have more time for other A-level subjects. Engage today one of our seasoned tutors in H2 History!

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