How to Make Your House Feel Bigger via Design

Posted by Zack H Halliwell on March 27th, 2020

When it comes to the modern world, one of the biggest commodities we can have is space. However, not everyone has the space needed in order to make a home feel truly comfortable. This is where clever design trends become more important to help actually give the appearance of more space, rather than the expense of actually creating more space. 

Therefore, here are some of the best techniques that can help you to find more space even in your smaller than average home. 

Organise Everything 

Organisation is key when it comes to design in a small home. As lots of clutter and things building up as a mess can quickly become a problem, making your space feel smaller just through having too much stuff. With organisation all you need to do is make sure that you have the right amount of shelving and actual space to place everything. Shelving and storage units can be the easiest way to achieve this, especially if you have more wall space than actual floor space. 

Use Colour Design 

The colour used in a home can have a real difference on the perception of size and this can differ vastly depending where this colour is placed as well. Walls, draperies, crushed velvet furniture, and even your windows can all be a source of different colour. For example, the drapery colour can change the perception of the length of your windows. Lighter colours and such help to extend the overall appearance from this angle. 

Trick The Eye with Decor 

The size of your decor can make your small space feel much bigger/smaller, depending on what you choose. For a smaller space, it seems obvious to choose smaller items of furniture/accessories which actually help make your space feel that much larger, tricking the eye.  You can also help your furniture feel more elevated by choosing items with legs. So, you can have a sofa that appears more elevated than it is with a few simple inches. This allows your eyes to see more of the room via the gaps and therefore makes it seem much bigger by tricking the eye. 

Use Compact Design 

The best way to navigate a smaller space from the outset is via initial design. If you can design and install a kitchen which makes the most amount of space, without having to work around a bad initial design. Re-installing the cupboards, etc., can help you to utilise the space in much cleverer ways. 

Ultimately, your design choices can really transform the feeling of a room. Therefore it’s important to make sure this is well-designed, compact in its utilisation and thought out from the outset before actively using the design. 

Final Thoughts

Design is an incredibly important aspect of making your home feel a lot more than it actually is. So, keeping strong design principles in mind should be a key element of your home decoration process. Especially when you want to make a small space feel much bigger than it actually is.

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