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Posted by Aditi on March 27th, 2020

In times like today, it is safe to say everyone literally everyone faces some sort of anxiety or depression. No matter your age or gender we living in the 21st century are going through a lot. From adults to even kids no one is spared-everybody is stressed. It is more common in teenagers and young adults due to the social pressure we constantly feel. It is safe to say not everyone can afford good healthcare especially when it comes to mental healthcare. Somehow it is still a taboo to talk about mental healthcare in our times. So how about we tackle it in our own way.  How about since we let anxiety and depression hold such a strong position in our life, we make changes in our life to weaken that position. Just a little bit of changes every now and then can go a long way? Since we rely so much on digital media why don’t we use it for our benefit?  

Good eating habits have a big influence on our mood. Good green food, avoiding refined sugar, avoiding junk food has a huge effect on our feel-good hormones, after all, we are what we eat.

Exercising also has a huge effect on how we feel. It is known as one of the best solutions to relieve stress. That rush of adrenaline is not just good for our body but also for our mental health.

I know there are times when we just don’t feel getting out of bed or doing anything in general. And in times like this, we lose the will to cook a good meal or go for that run. So how about we take it one step at a time. One small change at a time.

Anxiety and Depression Quotes

The simplest one is using depression and anxiety quotes as wallpaper of your smartphones. The more positive thoughts we see we read we think about the more we positivity we bring in our lives. To make our vision more subjected to good thoughts the more we feel better. Since we have our smartphones almost 24x7 in our hands I don’t think there is any other better option than this. So go ahead find some motivating quotes online and put them as your wallpaper and feel that rush of good hormones in you.

To be honest, sometimes it feels like we are alone in this. That what we feel nobody else is going through that but in reality, most of us encounter anxiety or depression at some point in our life so we are not alone. We are in this together and when we read quotes about this it makes us feel not alone. It gives a sense of togetherness. It makes us feel there are people like us. There are people battling the same battles. And this feeling ensures us we are not alone and that we together can overcome this.

To feel that someone out there actually worked on their mental health and overcame it gives us hope that we can too. So why not learn from other people’s experiences. Why not be vulnerable and take help in every way possible. Conditioning our eyes to bright colors like golden, silver or calm colors like blue, pink, violet, etc. are proven to give out good vibes and aura so lets Pinterest that sparkly golden quote we read about overcoming fear of social interaction and put that as our screensaver.  Or how about the simplest “no pains, no gains” with that pink background while we check our phones during gyming; I am sure it‘ll help you push that one more set of crunches.

Subject yourself to positivity, surround yourself with good thoughts. We get what we throw out into the universe. Spread love and positivity and see it coming back to you ten folds. Our thoughts our vision shapes our life so why not surround ourselves with good thoughts, uplifting quotes. Overthinking is one of the major issues of depression and anxiety so why not cloud our thoughts with quotes that help us overcome our issues so that makes us simply happy, even if they put a smile on our face; it is worth it. We come across good thoughts in our daily lives on a regular basis but we never stop and think about it. There are so many platforms where we can subject ourselves to good thoughts like podcasts from motivational speakers, motivational movies, books, articles, social media influencers who post about their battles and overcoming stories.

Never forget we are all in this together. You are not alone. Take tiny steps. Count your blessings. Go online and find something motivational and put that as your wallpaper. After all, what matters is every small step towards our mental health. It should be our utmost priority. Surround your mind with good thoughts and see the world around you change in a good way.

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