Women's cardigan, new winter star

Posted by jason stewart on March 27th, 2020

Too homey, even old-fashioned, the women's cardigan? Inlace, with fringes, wax patterns or in the colors of the American flag, he adopted the festival style this summer and accompanied all parties and concerts. Indispensable in winter, it adopts new trends that will make you fall in love.

Women's cardigan or cardigan, an essential piece

Legend has it that a Welshman, Earl of Cardigan, invented this garment. Stuck in his sweater, this soldier would have opened it with a saber! At the time, it was a sleeveless vest with pockets that would evolve into the male costume piece we know.

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Vocabulary question, if a cardigan can have sleeves, a cardigan is only called a cardigan if it is wool or mesh. Thin, medium or thick - ah, the big Irish cable jacket! -, whatever. It also does not matter its length, its collar or its method of closure. The open or closed vest cultivates trends to dress and warm us.

Very feminine short vests for a sophisticated office look

As for women, it is towards the twin-set that the cardigan first evolved. Immortalized by Grace Kelly or Marylin Monroe, it consists of a fitted short-sleeved sweater and an open cardigan.

In 2018, the coordinated knit is again trendy and the pearl necklace optional! With Prince of Wales dress pants, the plain waistcoat for women puts on color and contrasts, but it is the matching jacquard that sets the trend above all. Striped, polka dot, houndstooth pattern, herringbone or wax, it sets the tone of the outfit. We are looking to match a skirt, pants, and boots.

Long and loose, the women's cardigan lengthens the silhouette

The other trend of the season is the oversized cardigan worn like a jacket with or without a belt and the maxi cardigan which replaces a half-season coat over jeans or loose pants.

Closed edge to edge or by large buttons, the thick card cool has sleeves effects. At the knee or mid-calf, the long cardigan puts everything on the pockets and on a fluid mesh that refines the silhouette. We associate it with paper bag pants and sock boots with fine or square heels.

Cashmere sweater: the must-have of winter

With the drop in temperatures, you have only one desire: to curl up in warm, comfortable clothing. The cashmere sweater is one of the essential pieces of winter. Discover our tips for choosing the right one. Check out the khaadi lawn collection 2020.

A noble material

Cashmere is a precious natural fiber, as fine as it is light. It comes from the down of a goat, raised in the mountains of the Himalayas. Its belly is covered with undercoats, which allow it to resist extreme cold. This animal is found in particular in Mongolia, Tibet and the Indian province of Kashmir, which gave its name to the material. 

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Goats are shorn or combed in summer to gently remove the wool. The longer, finer and whiter the hair, the more quality the cashmere will be after weaving. For a long time, this material was a luxury product, because of its rarity and the constraints of this type of breeding.    

However, in recent years, prices have fallen, much to the delight of consumers who dream of buying a cashmere sweater. Known for their thermal quality and silky feel, these non-stinging fibers can be worn directly on the skin. 

Selection criteria

Do you know how to distinguish a low-end cashmere from a high-end? The first thing to do is to be wary of an overly mild product. Indeed, a quality cashmere softens over time and washes, but it is not silky when it is new.  

Also, note that quality wool is flexible and dense. If you stretch it, it should return to its original shape. Also, it is almost opaque, that is to say, that it does not let light pass. If the sweater, on which you fall in love, does not meet its characteristics, there are risks that pills appear quickly. 

In terms of style, it will be easy to find a model that suits your tastes: curved or oversized, white or colored, with a simple cut or even a V-neck.   

Our maintenance tips

This delicate material requires special cleaning. You can wash it by hand or machine, always cold. In all cases, use a non-abrasive detergent, suitable for natural fibers. You can add a little white vinegar when rinsing to revive the shine. 

Light and elegant, the cashmere sweater is a timeless fashion piece that will keep you warm for many seasons! Khaadi sale presents the dresses of your choice; you just have to look at them.


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