What jacket to complete my outfit?

Posted by jason stewart on March 27th, 2020

The women's jacket is available in a multitude of styles and materials. Between current trends and classics, how to find your way around and select the jacket that suits you best? We give you the tips for a successful outfit with the jacket of your choice!

What type of jacket for my body type?

The women's jacket can be short, long, denim or leather, but the most important thing is that it suits you! When you have a few curves, a long and straight jacket can camouflage the hips and harmonize the silhouette. If you are small and petite, a short, fitted jacket is ideal. 

You understand it's all a question of proportions. We must, therefore, choose the jacket that suits us, whether we are large or small.

But whatever its morphology, the choice of its jacket is first of all based on its usefulness. 

In the evening, at work or on weekends, which jacket to choose?

A rather light garment, the jacket is the best ally of layering games. So to complete a chic outfit, in the evening, we start with a short, fitted jacket, 3/4 sleeves. 

To go to work, a working girl outfit with black cigarette pants and a white shirt will be enhanced with a pretty suit jacket of your choice, sober or colorful. The important thing is to choose a well-tailored jacket. For an elegant look without being stuffy, the buttons are not closed.

Finally, for an afternoon shopping, you can, depending on the season, go on a short bomber style puffer jacket, a leather jacket with a skirt for a rock look or a denim jacket, a must.

How to be trendy with a jacket?

The jacket is a fashion accessory that can be found in all seasons. Even in summer, it's nice to slip into a light jacket on cooler evenings. 

The 80s are making a comeback with padded shoulder jackets, short jackets, and bright colors. 

For winter, woolen skins and military-style jackets with gold buttons are very popular. We also find in the trend plaid jackets evoking the 60s as well as great classics revisited like the leather or denim jacket.

Don't wait any longer to be stylish with a jacket! 

Velvet, a 70's trend that is coming back in force for this winter   

For a return to softness this winter, velvet is reappearing. Straight back from the seventies, this long shunned material resurfaces in our closets and interiors and that's good! This is thanks to the haute couture houses which have seized this fabric to make it chic and trendy pieces which today become real timeless must-haves of our dressings.

Instructions for wearing velvet

If you want to match the current dress code, the first rule is to avoid the total velvet look. This fashion faux pas would serve you. You, therefore, need to know how to dose and know the right tips for wearing this winter material par excellence.

Today, having become more versatile, velvet is experiencing a different revival than that which marked the previous decades. This fabric is now used on costumes, skirts, dresses, coats, etc. in totally varied tones and colors.

Make a choice

Ideally, prefer to wear velvet on a single piece: skirt, dress, jacket, pants, jumpsuit, etc. and combine it with other materials to play on contrasts. Different types of velvet are available so that you can always mix your styles.

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Its vintage appearance tends to crack. The corduroy also called frames or allergies is indeed a hot topic, thick, flexible and robust that it is pleasant to wear, especially when cold.

Do not hesitate to wear pants with thin stripes and a high waist that you can marry with a blouse or cardigan in silk or cashmere. The winter dress is also a wardrobe essential, opt for a basic straight cut that you can easily match with leather boots and a wool coat.

Then, the wide or straight tailor jackets will not fail to bring you a completely current casual look.

If you are a fan of denim pants or a leather skirt, velvet blouses and shirts will bring their retro effect to a fashionable ensemble.

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Palatine velvet

This type of velvet, otherwise called "purlin velvet" or even "smooth velvet" is present today on all fashion pieces. Its unshakable quality is combined with an argument that is bound to please: it refines the silhouette.

Changing color depending on the direction of the threads, this smooth and soft fabric will not fail to give bourgeois looks to your outfits. You can, therefore, choose to wear it on a long solid dress in navy blue color for example which you will match with high heel pumps in the same tones. Guaranteed success!

Velvet dress

You can also choose to wear it every day with a zipped fall-winter jacket, a blazer or even a puffer jacket that will adapt perfectly to all your outfits. Even if you opt for a jogging/sneakers look, a velvet jacket always brings its small effect.

At night, silky velvet pajamas will give you incomparable warmth and softness.

So do not hesitate to wear it on your accessories if you hesitate to wear it on your clothes: shoes, bow tie, etc. Nothing prevents you from creating a mix & match to be hyper-trendy: a pair of boots, ankle boots or moccasins in colored velvet over jeans, for example, a super handbag, a darling in shiny velvet, etc.

Velvet in our interiors

In addition to returning to our closets, velvet has also made a place for interior design and can be found in all rooms. Velvet sofa, cushions that can be mixed with other materials to dress the desk, plaids, armchair in the bedroom, ottoman, carpet, curtains, etc.

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It is its cocooning and warm side that makes it a perfect and glamorous material in our interiors.

Trendy colors

Among the trendy pieces that are on the rise for this winter, there are especially dark colors such as anthracite gray, brown, blue and of course, a sure bet: black.

The timeless striped and polka dot versions continue to seduce with their originality.

Velvet care

Aesthetic but capricious depending on the type of velvet, it is essential to know the different ways of maintaining it.

How to wash the velvet?

If you want to detach silk velvet, do not use water, which will have the sole effect of leaving awful halos that you can no longer get rid of. Use Sommières earth by sprinkling the area to be treated while massaging. Leave on for a few hours (ideally at night), brush and then vacuum.

As for other types of velvet such as cotton velvet, you can use soapy water without any problem or put in a washing machine. Indeed, today mainly designed in polyester with a certain percentage of lycra to make them more comfortable, more flexible and much more elastic, they are easy to clean.

For drying, you can choose to hang on a hanger or put in the machine on a delicate cycle.

Never iron corduroy! For other pile fabrics, steam ironing on the back of the fabric is sufficient.

You can also opt to bring your parts to be cleaned at the dry cleaning for a dry wash.

For your furniture made of velvet, regularly and gently brush it with a soft brush or a microfiber cloth or even a chamois to remove the dust and restore its shine. Do not hesitate to spray it with a protective spray to avoid future stains.

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