Coronavirus (COVID-19) : What to Do If You Get Stuck Abroad

Posted by aspire world immigration Service LLP on March 27th, 2020

Amid coronavirus pandemic, countries across the world have been imposing travel restrictions in an attempt to stop the spread of the COVID-19. Initially, the restrictions were supposed to stop people from traveling from the most affected countries during this coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, the travel restrictions have tightened since the situation started getting worse day-by-day. 

On March 17, all the EU nations agreed on a plan to shut down borders of the Schengen Area as suggested by the Europian Union Commission. And provided that Europe actually has the highest number of infections with coronavirus after China, several non-EU countries have imposed their various travel restrictions against the European community. Similarly, Canada and the US together announced to close down the border over the coronavirus outbreak. India too imposed strict travel restrictions to keep coronavirus at bay. 

With more and more flights getting canceled, people stranded abroad are facing many difficulties. Let us put a stop to the scare for a minute and provide you with information on what to do if you get stuck abroad due to Coronavirus? 

Coronavirus: Things to Follow if You are Stuck Abroad 

  1. If Your Visa Gets Expire

If you want to return to your home country but your flight gets canceled due to Coronavirus safety measures, there is absolutely no need to fear. You may not face penalties in case you overstay on your visa during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you or your family members are unable to exit the country before the visa expiration date, You may request an extension of your visa at the appropriate authorities. 

In the present scenario, if you are stuck in the EU, you will not be charged with a penalty as the situation falls under Force Majeure, wherein you are entitled to receive a visa extension for up to 90 days free of charge. 

  1. If Your Flight Gets Cancelled

If you are stuck abroad due to your flight getting canceled following the coronavirus pandemic, you must connect with your airline to get information about rebooking and refund. Contact your travel insurer to answer all your queries related to claim and assistance abroad. 

Remember, your well being is more important at this point. Therefore, take good care of your health while you wait for another flight to return home. 

Canceling flights is the main part of the measures that governments around the world are implementing. The measure has resulted in a large number of flights being canceled, particularly those departing from EU countries and travelers being stranded overseas with no way back home. 

Important Note: As of now, incoming flights from China, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France have been banned by several countries, which has the highest number of reported COVID-19 cases. Some countries like the US have, at least until mid-April, prohibited flights from all EU countries altogether. If the condition continues to deteriorate this timeline may be extended. 

  1. If You Are Showing Symptoms of COVID-19

This is the point where you should quarantine yourself. Even if the reports show negative for coronavirus, for the well being of your family, neighbors, and friends, maintain social distance. Follow the WHO’s advice on how to protect yourself from the virus. Or you can also follow the guide on what to do if there's an outbreak issued by the government while you're on holiday, as well as you can check advice on your compensation rights if you end up stuck abroad because of a coronavirus quarantine. 

  1. If You Lose Motivation 

It may be easy to lose in this situation. However, we cannot let this deadly virus take over our emotions. We must fight to keep Coronavirus at bay. For that, it is important to boost the morale of our fellow citizens who are affected by COVID-19. Encourage people to stay inside and don’t leave the house until it’s an emergency. Use the internet to connect with people, skype whenever needed, watch movies and eat healthily. There’s so much to do while you are at it. 

  1. If needed ask help from the government

Governments of various countries are taking measures to ensure the safeguard of their citizens. India from the very beginning has started extracting stranded Indians and brought them home and provided medical assistance. If you feel the need to come home and attend to your family members, you can ask the help of the government in your home country without any hesitation. 

You must, of course, be permitted to reach your home country. But you have to have at least two weeks of self-quarantine, regardless of whether or not you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

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