5 Tips That Professional Home Builders Follow Prior To Laundry Renovation

Posted by James Spencer on March 27th, 2020

If you are planning to hire a company that is into home renovations to give a new look and feel to your laundry, you need to take into considerations a few tips, which will make the most of the investment.

Let us discuss a few tips that the professional home builders and renovators will consider while renovating the laundry of their clients' home.

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Considering an Outdoor Access

The first step that these companies would take is that they will remodel the laundry in such a way that they will have direct access to the outside.

They will ensure that there has to be simple access from the laundry to the backyard. As a result of this, it becomes handy and convenient for you to hang the clothes on a line, instead of popping them in the dryer, which will help you save energy bills, money and the wear & tear of your clothes.

Adding Enough Ventilation

If your laundry does not have any significant ventilation, you need to rethink over it about how to improve the ventilation, when you hire the home renovation company in Cheltenham. This is important to get rid of the excess moisture and humidity, which builds up in the laundry due to all the washing, more so, if the laundry is attached to the bathroom.

Thus, the professionals will make amends of the ventilation and add some more, if it is found wanting in terms of ventilation.

Planning in a Proper Way to Use the Space

Cluttered laundry is the last thing you would like to see at your home. But unfortunately, in most of the cases, poor planning of the laundry space will leave you exactly with that - something that these companies change before anything else.

In fact, to ensure that your laundry can utilise fully functional space, the experts of these renovation companies would make sure that your laundry has sufficient space, every nook and cranny of which can be utilised to set up appliances like the washers and the driers, sink and the storage, the countertop space, the laundry baskets and the likes.

Turning the Space for Dual Purpose Use

Multi-tasking is the new in thing these days, and similarly, when it comes to renovation, dual-purpose space is the need of the hour. Naturally, it is obvious that any average Aussie homeowners would like to couple up the laundry space with bathroom facilities.

Again, when it comes to arranging for the lighting, it is all about striking the right balance between natural lighting and task lighting, which created the right ambience in the laundry and the bathroom concurrently.

Taking Into Account the Safety Factors

This is an extremely important factor that the home builders in Cheltenham would take into consideration while coming up with laundry renovation. In fact, the laundry area is considered one of the most potentially hazardous zones of your home. As the area draws more electric power and deals with weight, it is more prone to dangers.

Hence, when it comes to renovating the laundry, this is all about installing proper wiring and strategically planning the outlets and the locations thereof.

Since it is also about dealing with chemicals, and there is the probability of water and electricity coming in contact with each other. Taking into view all these, the specialists who deal with laundry renovation would put particular emphasis on the ventilation of the laundry.

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