How to Complain About Immigration Consultants in India

Posted by Richard Pierce on March 27th, 2020

In these times, people are considering going abroad for studies and work due to more opportunities there. Indeed, citizens are applying for immigration to affluent countries like Canada. To make the process easier, they are taking the assistance of the best immigration consultants in India. Not only do they explain the process to you, but they also assist throughout it as well.

Of course, with the amount of help that they do provide, it is obvious that the cost would show a similarity. Thus, clients pay the amount that these consultants say is normal, and these consultants create the necessary documents. However, the problem arises when you take these papers with you to the airport and get into legal trouble.

Indeed, the problem of hiring a fake Canada PR consultant is a prevalent situation in many countries, including India. These fake consultants focus mainly on their gain and dupe you into paying them money. Unfortunately, most people cannot tell the real from the fake and fall into trouble. 

However, there are certain mediums for you to file a complaint against these companies. Indeed, these methods are legally approved and operational and you can use the. They are as follows.

File a Police Complaint 

In any situation, the police department is in charge of protecting the interests of the citizens. Therefore, the first step that you should take against a fake Canada PR consultant is going to the police. Indeed, these individuals and fake companies are using this scam to fool people out of their money. This falls under fraudulent activities, which is a crime in the eyes of Indian law.

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is to given all the details properly. Indeed, these would help the police officers understand and file the complaint accordingly. Furthermore, it would also add credibility to your complaint against these companies.

You Can Contact the Consumer Courts

Another way to attack these individuals posing as the best immigration consultants in India is through the consumer courts. This is one of the best and most legal ways of counter-acting against these companies.  After all, these judiciary courts focus mainly on the matters of solving issues faced by customers.

In this situation, having bought the service of these agents, you would fall under the category of consumers. Thus, your complaint is taken into consideration and the court would look into the matter thoroughly. Indeed, these courts focus on solving the issues of the customers primarily, especially when they are exploited. Thus, this method would prove highly beneficial for you.

You Can Contact the ROC

If you were cheated by a fake company and not a single individual, you can use this method in the matters of complaint. However, this method would work if this company proclaiming of having the best immigration consultants in India is ROC-certified. Indeed, under the government of India, all companies are registered under the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Consequently, if this fraudulent company is registered under the ROC, they are reliable to the rules of the said charter. Therefore, you can directly complain to the mainboard, and they would handle the matter itself.

All in all, fake immigration consultants can cause huge problems and legal hassles to you. However, there are ways to fight back against them legally. You might even get the compensation for the loss you incurred if the frauds are punished effectively. 

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