Making Online Shopping Work For You

Posted by Maria Garcia on March 27th, 2020

The ignorant shopper may not know how to actually take advantage of all that online shopping has in store for us. There are endless ways to save money online. Most people know how, but some do not. Here are some more simple tips and tricks to spend less, while you buy more.  

Ask Customer Care for discounts

Every store has a customer care helpline number and some have live chats. Call them or text them for discounts. Most agents will be able to provide you with a discount, even if it’s a small discount code. This is something no one will tell you about, but a very useful provision that customers can take advantage of. 

Learn how to use multiple coupons in the right order

Coupons are really an undiscovered gem. Most people disregard the preconception that it is not going to fetch them much of a saving. But if we truly know how to use them, you could end up saving a fortune. Some sites allow customers to use multiple coupons and this could really be a powerful tool when used properly. Say you’re shopping on Nisnass, do some small calculations to determine how best to use your coupons, and in which order you must enter the Nisnass Coupon Code. 

For example, say your total invoice is 250 AED and you have 2 coupons - 25 AED off and 25% off. Use the 25% coupon first, then the 25 AED coupon, this will save more money for you.

Sort your email

A lot of us are subscribed to many newsletters from various websites. The sad part, it all gets lost in our inbox or spam folder. Thus, it’s important that we sort out our emails, so that emails that we’re looking forward to don’t get lost in the list. Try using email add-ons that’ll do the work for you. This will declutter your email for you, saving you the time and energy. Plus it could really end up being very useful.

Use coupon and cashback websites

A thing of the present, coupon websites will really save you in a crunch. Websites like Barakatalan in the Middle East are very popular when it comes to this. You need only check their database before you make a purchase. You can find a great variety of coupons, like Nisnass coupons on these websites, all that helps you save a lot of money. From now on, every time you buy something online, spend that little effort to check such websites. 

Bulk purchases

A common simpleton mistake is we buy orders one by one. If you know you’re going to be buying multiple in the span of a couple of weeks, buy it all together. This will bring down delivery costs by a great amount. Say you need 3 products all costing 50 AED each, and limit for free delivery is 100 AED. Go ahead and buy them all at the same time. You’ll save the delivery amount, and when done over a course of time, you could really end up saving lots. There are also browser add-ons that’ll help you reach the exact amount you need for free delivery. Use these tools given to you.

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