How social games will completely change the way we interact with our peers

Posted by Mords1944 on March 28th, 2020

These days we face a great revolution when it comes to how we interact with people and companies. Before, many analysts believed that social interaction was only done between peers through Facebook, Orkut and many other social interaction tools.

But these days, more companies are realizing the power of social interaction to help build, or destroy, their reputation and brand. We have embarked on a long journey through social acceptance and social interaction to guide us when browsing the web and online.

One of these new social tools is online social games like those produced by Zynga. This company has created a name around it with now-famous games like FarmVille, MafiaWars and many other home building games. "The Sims", a game produced by Electronic Arts, is now also a world-famous game.

All these games have in common the social interaction that they can provide to the user. You won't be playing just one Saturday night; You will have all your friends connected with you playing the same game in its own place. This is something that players have never experienced with such magnitude Social Gamer.

We can see that this revolution is happening quickly due to various news and stories that we see around us. For example, the highest-grossing iPhone app in 2009 was a small app provided by Electronic Arts about the game "The Sims 3".

Another big, breaking news is the fact that Zynga, a five-year startup, has already surpassed one of the greatest game makers of all time: Electronic Arts. With its recurring subscriptions and social management tools, Zynga has managed to outperform EA in no time.

Homebuilding games and social games are here to stay, and for a long time This does not mean that we no longer have a place for old classic solo games; But in fact, there is a revolution and the gaming company should start to adapt to it, otherwise, they could be trampled by the crowd.


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