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When it comes to added sugar, Americans are consuming it the most and it is disturbing when you see the numbers. The American Heart Association recommends intake of just 6 teaspoons of sugar every day for women and around the same amount or half of that for children. However, a bar of snickers or a can of coke has more added sugar than that. So much sugar messes with your weight, diet, mood, and a lot more. According to Matthew Davies, there are plenty of changes when you go a week without sugar and here’s his experience:

The Changes

1. No more eating just because you are bored - Yup, this sounds like a first world problem. Most people you know eat “munchies” at least once each week just for the pleasure of it. However, most food we eat out of boredom or to get pure pleasure is laden with sodium, phosphates, and plenty of added sugar. Once you put yourself on a diet without added sugar, these foods are out of the list. Instead, you substitute them with snacks like nuts, fruits, and small veggies. Because you still have a sweet tooth and need for crunch. 

2. Spend more time cooking - When you go off of added sugar you realize that you have to cut down on most things that filled up your cart on a regular week at the supermarket. You need to make most meals from scratch and don’t really have the option to go for something quick out of a package or a delivery service. 

If you are used to cooking, that’s great. However, if you aren’t, it adds a great skill to your arsenal. Cooking can also become a fulfilling experience and most meals wouldn’t even require more than 30 minutes to make. The downside to this is the added time and planning you need to put in. When you go outside you need to plan out and prepare home-cooked snacks to avoid the added sugar.  

3. Diet becomes more diverse - Depending on your vegan lifestyle or crave for meat products, your diet is usually limited to a few items on the takeout menu. However, if you participate in this challenge you need to adjust your diet according to the fresh produce available at the supermarket. Most packaged ingredients have added sugar and preservatives so you can’t really have that. 

You are forced to turn to whole grains, fruits, veggies, mushrooms, fishes you never had, and seasonings you didn’t taste. Herbs become a part of your cooking and you get introduced to the natural deliciousness of different types of ingredients. Moreover, you also discover packaged food from brands with healthier ingredients that would have gone unnoticed.


Matthew Davies believes that a diet without added sugar brings plenty of benefits. However, it also restricts you in numerous ways. A more sustainable and healthier alternative to your sugar laden diet would be to opt for more whole food with a moderately low amount of added sugar each day.

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