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Uses TensorFlow a Deep Learning Technology in Everyday Life

Posted by i2tutorials on March 28th, 2020

Technology gets advanced from time to time and it’s a continuous process. The outcome is you get newer technologies introduced for the use of mankind. Unless it’s put to good use there is no much benefit of its development. You have many technologies today the use of which has changed the way the work is done in corporate and allied sectors. In line with that, you have some centers offering online and offline certificate courses. TensorFlow tutorial is one of them. You can take up this course and it has a good practical application too.

Different Uses of TensorFlow

There are various uses of this technology that is based on the deep learning technology for human beings which helps understand real-world problems better. A few of the uses can be listed thus.

  • Sound and voice recognition- the use of technology helps understand sound-based signals. Voice recognition, sentiment analysis, voice search, and flaw detection are a few of its applications in different sectors like manufacturing for machine testing, speech to text applications for determining the sound in audio files and so on. 
  • Text-based application- this feature helps in sentimental analysis in CRM, threat detection in social media, fraud detection in finance and so on. 
  • Image recognition- this feature is used by handset manufacturers, social media networks, telecom and so on for facial recognition, motion detection, image search and so on. The use of this is mainly done to identify people and objects ion the images.
  • Video detection feature helps in differentiating false and real videos. Fake videos can be wielded out with their use. Gaming security, airport UI fields and so on also use the video detection features for video classification.
  • Time series- the sectors like finance, government, security, eCommerce sites and so on to analyze customer activity. The statistical data is then used to find other similar customers, risk detections and so on. 

Safe Data Storage Necessary

Now using this technology, you would have collected huge data and you need to store this. The best way to do this is via MongoDB. So why not take MongoDB tutorial from reliable institute to help store your data safely. Indeed, with the use of the latest in technology your company is going to have more data and a better way of using and also, it's safekeeping. Why not get in touch with experts at for this today to join the different online courses it's offering at an affordable fee. 

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