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Posted by cristiano pamungkas on March 28th, 2020

If you want to run a business or business, then there needs to be an appropriate plan. You must be smart in looking at what business you want to run, and then see the business opportunity. Especially in order to welcome the new year later, you must be observant to determine the 2020 business opportunities that can generate excess profits for you.

Handicraft business

A handicraft business can be a promising business opportunity recommendation for you. Especially for those of you who like to make the skills of a material into a form of craft that is very interesting and useful in everyday life. You can start this business with less than ten million in capital.

Hair shaving business

To start a hair salon business, you do not need a large capital. Like the story of the successful barber who has now become a billionaire, Ramesh Babu. He is a barber in Bangalore, India. Babu's impartial wealth made him neglect his education and instead worked as a barber in continuing his late father's business.

Daycare (daycare)

For those of you who like the world of small children, of course child care business is one type of business that you should consider. One example is Novita Tandry who pioneered daycare. Now he has succeeded in developing the business into a variety of other businesses related to the world of children such as preschool, kindergarten and playgroup.

Franchise business or franchise

Did you know that a franchise or franchise business is a type of business that is run with a partnership capital system. Franchise business like this now is in great demand. This is not because the type of business like this is faster to get clients or consumers because the products produced from the franchise business are well known.


If you have good foreign language skills, you can consider your translation business as a business opportunity choice. One inspiration for your freelance translation effort is Andina Margaretha Rorimpandey, who is now a successful translator in French. This UGM graduate successfully recommended studies at the National des Langues et Civilizations Orientals Institute in Paris.

Catering business

If you like the world of cooking, catering is the right choice for you. Especially for those of you who live in the metropolitan or office environment, you need to do this business right now. Don't forget to make variations on your catering menu so clients don't get bored. If necessary, you can make a special menu from your catering business.

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