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The History of The Dead Sea

Posted by thenewsgiraffe on March 29th, 2020

Today, the Dead Sea is regarded as one of the natural wonders of the world, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Due to the amount of salt in the water, people are able to float on the water’s surface. The mud is also said to have healing properties, with many Dead Sea hotels in Israel offering a mud facial treatment to their customers. But how was this magical location first discovered? Let’s answer this question by looking into the history of the dead sea.

Geological History

The reason why the Dead Sea has its unique properties is because of the geological conditions that formed it. This sea is at the lowest elevation on land, 1,412 feet (430.5 meters) below sea level. To this day, there a few competing hypotheses about how this lake was formed. Its unique location also means that the water can evaporate from the surface, leaving only salt behind. Because of this high salt content, people can float effortlessly through the water. However, it also means that fish and other aquatic life are unable to survive.

Biblical Significance

The Dead Sea also plays a significant role in many religions. Because of the chemical composition of the lake, nothing could survive in its waters. This caused it to be called the “Sea of the Devil” and become a destination to be avoided. Because of this, it’s believed that some significant figures might have come to the Dead Sea to seek refuge. Some of these figures include King Herod and John the Baptist. This area is also known for the Dead Sea Scrolls, which is one of the most significant archeological finds in modern history. These were found between the 1940s and the 1950s. These scrolls allow historians a better understanding of ancient cultures, helping shape timelines of both modern Christianity and Judaism.

Modern History

The Dead Sea was explored by contemporary explorers in 1835, by Christopher Costigan. This caused new interest in the area, as scientists came to study the natural phenomena. As it started to gain more attention, people started to come from all around the world to experience the Dead Sea. Because of this, businesses started to make investments in the area. The first Israel Dead Sea hotels were built in the 1960s. Over time the tourism industry became more important to the area, as the coverage of the benefits that the Dead Sea could provide started to grow. This shaped the Dead Sea into the tourist attraction that is has become today.

The Dead Sea was once a shunned place, called the “Sea of the Devil”. Today, though, it’s known as a remarkable location, which makes it possible for people to float effortlessly. Luxury hotels in Israel Dead Sea now line the river banks, as people flock to experience the benefits of this area. In fact, it’s estimated that there were 4 million visitors in 2018. So, visit today and experience the rich history that this area offers.

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