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Android | App development Course In Mumbai - Yesweus Digital Academy

Posted by seoyesweus on March 31st, 2020

26th March, Bangalore - Mobile applications are the most convenient way to access the services of a business. Usually the main point of contact for many consumers when researching about a company's product, but for a company to develop an app it takes a lot of effort and specialized professionals, these professionals are called developers or app developers.

Developers are in great demand now more than ever due to the rise in digitalization but to become a developer the path one has to take is sometimes confusing. Yesweus Digital Academy App Development Course In Mumbai has been helping many aspirants in solving this problem and achieving their dream career.

 Yesweus a Digital Academy is offering courses in various subjects like Web Design, Graphic design, Advancement digital marketing, Mobile app development, to name a few. The course taught in Yesweus is much more effective than some engineering colleges also. When a person takes up a course like Yesweus Digital Academy Android Course In Mumbai, they get in-depth training by professionals in the field, hands-on live projects and also 100% job assistance, the academy also provides a 3-month internship letter which can help uplift the resume of a candidate. 

The CEO of the company Mr Vinod Kadam had initially started off his company in IT developments but after having the continual success he decided to expand the business into a digital academy in 2019 which turned out to be a great choice. To this, the CEO stated "I always look for the next best thing and the digital academy has great potential, this market area can be used to deliver job-ready education which will help a lot of youths of this generation. Here at Yesweus, we not only look to benefit ourselves but also our nation and by the services we provide we help in developing society."

Yesweus boasts a good number of awards for its excellence and quality, this can be clearly seen in the way the company functions where individual needs are catered to.

The courses offered by Yesweus have been carefully researched into and selected accordingly. The training is given to the students by professional experts, who have worked in these fields before. Yesweus lets the students work on live projects that the IT division of the company handles. Also, the courses offered by Yesweus have a huge market place with many opportunities in store, because of this the company also helps in job assistance. The company with its many connections can easily help a student land a decent job.

The CEO's reply to this was "I am a strong believer in Karma, some good that I do today will definitely do good to me in the future or at least to my future generation, this academy we have set up will help someone to establish a strong foundation in their career path."

So if you are fresh out of college and looking to start your career in IT or design, or you are someone who wants a desperate change in career then Yesweus digital academy is the place where you need to be.

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