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Affordable off-road electric skateboard

Posted by oneboard on March 31st, 2020

4 Types of Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboard plays a vital role in skating industries... There are different types of electric skateboard available in the market. You can choose the right one based on your skills and demands. Therefore, if you are looking to buy an electric skateboard, it's time to examine the different types of skateboards. You can buy all the types of Affordable electric skateboards at a reduced cost.

  1. Standard Single

This type of board is less expensive because usually, it comes with Only one Board wheel. This type is suitable for beginners because typically have lower top speed, less acceleration, and can't handle the steeper hills.

  1. Standard Double

When it comes to electric skateboards, the Standard type of skateboard comes with a dual-wheel drive or one of the off-road models. So, it is suitable for advanced users. These boards have a pair of motors mounted off of the back trucks. The back wheel increases the traction, stability, and much more powerful than single wheel drive systems. So, this type is not suitable for beginners. Why because it allows different options for maximizing top speed, or peak accelerations.

  1. Hub Motor

These boards are powered, as there is no visible motor. These boards build the motor inside the wheel. Hub motor comes with much sleeker, more compact, and minimalistic design. Handling this type of skateboard is very difficult so it is suitable only for advanced riders. In addition, these models can also be underpowered than other models.

  1. Off-Road

For those that live in an area where the pavement isn't the best, and the off-road electric skateboard is the best choice to ride such areas. This model is having a larger, pneumatic tire with a knobby tread, with sufficient power to effectively drive these monster wheels. This board comes with some surprising terrain features, much more than you might expect.


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