Male Sex Dolls: What They Are and How to Buy Them

Posted by adairsawyer on September 4th, 2012

Sex dolls provide many people the means of realizing their sexual fantasies. There is a vast variety being manufactured from low-cost vinyl blow up dolls to expensive, realistic ones made of silicone. Both female and male sex dolls are easily available on high street shops and online for any adult looking to spice up his or her sex life.

A threesome is a common sexual fantasy for many. However, most couples are not comfortable with the act of actually finding and being with a third person. Fortunately, there are blow up dolls that can serve this purpose.

The first ever sex doll was an ivory sculpture that the artist grew so fond of, he ended up doing everything to her – feeding, bathing, sleeping and actually having sex. Since then, an entire industry has spawned. Today, not only are there female versions but also male sex dolls as well. Modern blow up dolls are now made much differently. They have also slowly but surely become more acceptable in society. The price of sex dolls varies greatly. More affordable types are constructed from welded vinyl. When inflated with air, they become sexual pleasure toys, hence the common name “blow up doll.” These are the ones most frequently available in adult shops on the streets.

Latex dolls are the ones priced in the middle range. Like a mannequin, these dolls are accurately molded from head to toe. Female versions have heads of hair and may feature breasts and buttocks filled with water. Male sex dolls have detailed muscles and, of course, a realistic penis that may ejaculate some kind of fluid. These dolls are customizable and can be dressed up and made up in different ways.

Sex dolls of the highest quality are made of silicone making them feel real and, thereby intensifying the experience. A woman might have an actual orgasm riding on realistic male sex dolls. Some are made out of the likeness of celebrities, particularly porn stars. They feature real human hair and the internal framework makes them flexible so that they can be posed for various sex acts or for viewing pleasure. In the literal sense, they are not blow up dolls anymore.

Sex dolls in the mid to upper price range are usually not available in common adult shops. Most buyers of these toys purchase them online on trustworthy adult product selling sites. Typically, these online shops also sell lubricants, dildos, vibrators, condoms and many other such products. 

Undeniably, sex dolls can make your sex life much more exhilarating. They can be enjoyed when you are all alone or with your partner. You can also use them with a group of people if you are into that kind of thing. You can really unleash your fantasies. Dress these dolls up in leather or lace, tie them up or cover them with whipped cream or chocolate syrup. The sky is the limit to what you can do with these toys and the pleasure that you will get out of them.

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