Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Sex Doll

Posted by adairsawyer on September 4th, 2012

Sex dolls provide pleasure for any person seeking sexual thrill without worrying about pregnancy, diseases, periods and potential embarrassing situations. They can easily be cleaned and are always just there to be enjoyed in any way. Full body or torso, male or female, there are sex dolls available for anybody.

There is a huge variety of sex dolls available out there. From slim to fat, short to tall, dark to light, there are about as many kinds as there are people. The inflatable rubber version is the most easily recognizable. A lot of people use these for conducting pranks and practical jokes in addition to their main purpose of providing personal pleasure. Owning such a doll has its benefits.

Sex dolls provide a means for any person to experience the thrill of sex without worrying about the many consequences like pregnancy and diseases. It is always there to be enjoyed regardless of the time of the month. A person can work on just letting all of his or her sexual tension out anytime. With real people, condoms are required for protection, whereas with dolls, they are just optional. They still, however, provide the benefit of easier cleaning. Either way, proper cleaning and storage is always required for these toys, just as with almost any other personal item.

Some sex dolls are fashioned to look like glamorous Hollywood actresses or porn stars. These dolls provide a way for fans of such celebrities to somehow live out their sexual fantasy of sleeping with them. There is really almost no chance for any man to experience it in real life so why not do the next best thing?

There are many materials used to construct sex dolls. Technology has enabled the most premium-quality dolls to look and feel almost like real humans. Many dolls are posable in order to accommodate different sexual positions and acts. Oral, vaginal and anal sex can be done because “love holes” enable guys to insert their penis wherever they desire. Additionally, sex dolls will never complain about whether it is in or not, so there is no chance to get embarrassed.

The most recognizable sex dolls are the ones made to look completely like a real person from head to toe. These allow for greater simulated intimacy with a lover. There are also versions that feature only the torso. These may feature realistic breasts and butts, while the holes still allow penetration however one may please. For the women, male sex dolls are available. These may feature chiseled muscles and, of course, a penis which may vibrate and/or be detachable. Male torsos are also manufactured, usually with a nicely ripped stomach and made to be versatile enough to be enjoyed in any style. Additionally, shemale sex dolls can also be bought for those who prefer cross-dressing men. Obviously, these dolls will have the face and basic body shape of a female, save for the presence of a male sex organ.

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