Local bitcoin website clone and app development in sellbitbuy

Posted by isabellanoviya on April 1st, 2020

Peer to peer exchanges is the most demanded ones among the crypto users. Because of the decentralized ecosystem which operates without a central authority rule, anyone can buy or sell cryptocurrency without verification requirements.

Localbitcoins.com is a great example for a peer to peer exchange.

Are you interested in launching a website similar to Localbitcoins?

Our localbitcoins clone software solution helps you to create a decentralized exchange and trading platform without any hassle. Our LocalBitcoins clone script with enrichment of sophisticated features like escrow module, 2FA, offline trade, etc. will help you in creating buy/sell Bitcoin website even easier.

Just add this script to the website for the miracle to happen.

Localbitcoins Clone App For Ios & Android Development Services

We are providing end to end solutions for creating reliable Localbitcoins trading app for android and iOS by our expert team. Our clone app comes through existing features and additional security benefits under the exclusive pack of local bitcoins clone development.

Premium Features of Localbitoins Clone App

  •  Fingerprint authentication
  •  Push up notification
  •  Multiple Payment mode
  •  Transaction history extraction
  •  Multicurrency wallet integration
  •  Encrypted voice chat
 To know more pieces of information click here---> https://bit.ly/2xEhVqI

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