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Don't Let Work From Home Hinder Your Work-life Balance!

Posted by vishnuvis on April 2nd, 2020

Working From Home has its own perks and benefits. You can relax in your comfy pajamas and work without having to travel to the office. This not just gives you flexibility to work but also helps you to feel more comfortable.

Many of us sometimes prefer working from home rather than going to the office as usual. It is natural, as you may feel that you need to focus more on a specific project and hence, want to isolate yourself by working from home.

But, are you someone who has never tried working from home or remotely? If yes, then as per the current situation across the globe, due to Covid-19 outbreak, WFH (Work From Home)/ Remote Working is the safest alternative for each one of us. Since you are new to the Work From Home environment, you may find it hard to maintain balance between your personal and professional life.

This is where a leave management software helps you the fellow team members inform in prior about your leaves & also allows employees to access the dashboard with the leave balances.

You may tend to miss the workspace you share with your team, hanging with your mates on a coffee break, having lunch together or working over-time with your team to meet the deadlines. Yes, it’s a huge transition that requires you to operate and manage your work and make sure that it does not get affected due to this drastic change.

Thinking how will you be able to do all this? Not to worry, as we bring you some pro tips that will help you be productive while working from home and at the same time, will make ensure that you do not lose work-life balance:

Adjust to The Change

At the office, you don’t continuously stick to your chair and work. There may be instances where you need to go and meet other teams for a project, have a discussion with your team, attend meetings, go for a break and so on. This totally changes when you work from home.

The time taken by you to complete a task may vary while you work from home. You may end up completing it early than in the office, so don’t be shocked. It may be the result of fewer distractions you have right now. Adjust to the situation and plan well.  

Plan The Next Day In Advance

Once you are done with your work today, take some time and plan for the top priorities on the next day. This will make you well prepared and relaxed as you already know your priorities for the next day.

Experiment This Transition Phase!

Take a break whenever required. As you don’t have your buddies to hang out with, spend time with yourself and do the things that help you get refreshed and rejuvenated

  • Taking a shower
  • Changing your outfit
  • Spend some time in meditating
  • Check your inbox frequently so that you don’t miss out on any.
  • Set up your “Home Workspace”.

Make a Habit to Note “A Takeaway For The Day”

Every day is a new start and you need to decide how would you begin it. You can either choose to be more productive, learn new things and grow further or you can just sit and keep complaining about how it all didn’t go well yesterday!

Stay positive and develop a routine that allows you to take out 5 minutes from your day and note down:

What worked out well?

What didn’t go well? What needs to be done to resolve it?

This will help you review and be prepared in advance for the next day.

Be Self-accountable

Make sure work from home does not deviate from your responsibilities. Ensure that you complete your tasks on time. Also, be available for your team-mates for help whenever required and resolve it. Remember just completing your own tasks is not where it ends, be connected with the team and aim towards achieving team goals too!

Wrap Up on Time!

While working in the office, your time starts ticking once you see your co-workers leaving for the day. But, when you are working from home, you may not realize that you should now wind up for the day and get done with your tasks. This doesn’t mean that you exactly need to end it precisely at that moment but better to be aware that you have to finish off and get done for the day in the next few minutes.  

All this is not as easy as you think, but you can definitely do it with some help. What if you are given the flexibility to log in remotely and do all that you do in the office with just a click? Yes, you heard it right, with an HRMS software, you cannot just track your working hours but also have one-on-ones, note down the takeaways and so on.

Work from home and stay safe!

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