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Cloud: The Sanitized way to Work from Home

Posted by ElenaSmith on April 3rd, 2020

Before jumping with the facts regarding how cloud serves a sanitized way of working at home, care to take at these statistics. As per the State of Remote Work report from Buffer, almost 99% of the employees wished that they get a chance to work remotely. Out of these, about 95% of them also projected their desire to work from home for at least some time in their careers.

The surprising factor was that almost 99% of the business owners were positive to support work from home. 


It seems quite impressive how the concept of remote working is rising and coming to the forefront. More organizations are encouraging their employees to work from anywhere they want. The consistent adoption of this ‘anywhere working’ prospect, especially in small businesses, acts as the stair to such major adoption in cloud hosting.

Not only this but the cloud has majorly improved the productivity of the small businesses all over the US and the world. There is no doubt that the accounting professionals who invest in cloud hosting providers, and the business professionals who are spending on cloud technology consider this as an asset. 



Work from home: Using the Cloud to the Most 

The positives of working from home actually seem to outbalance the negatives as there is no harm in meeting the employee’s needs and giving space to work. But something that should be kept in mind is that productivity is not sacrificed in the run. Cloud server hosting surely helps in the process granting benefits that enable a smooth work environment and also keep the work-life balance. 

1.Better productivity and efficiency 

The cloud is the backbone of every organization when it comes to increased productivity. When the staff work from home, they experience a quiet and relaxed environment. This actually creates an uninterrupted space to work, thereby, increasing productivity.

They work with a better mood, which promotes value work and better customer service. Since they feel like their organization respects their space, they are more indulged in their work. 

With a tech boon like the cloud, the staff are not worried about taking the laptops, office systems or devices home. The advantage lies in working on the same file from their homes.

Also, there is no issue about security as the cloud is the safest. The staff can have a hosted desktop, which provides the freedom of working anytime, anywhere. Without leaving your comfort, they can connect the hosted desktop to any device and work safely without losing work productivity. 

2. Balanced work-life

It is important to have a balanced work-life when you want to increase productivity. Sometimes, a little time away from your laptop or spending some with your family improves your work standard and quality.

Cloud hosting offers the benefit of working from home that ensures you spending time with your family without hampering your work. 

3. Lower carbon footprint and less travel cost

Every year the climate changes are horrifying and humans are left with nothing but disappointment. The sad part is people know that they are responsible for the declining climate.

Even though the effect is small, working from home helps to minimize the adverse effect. Remote working reduces travelling issues and less travel means less emission of carbon dioxide. In the world which is facing huge epidemics like Coronavirus, it is advisable to stay at home as much as you can.

Working from home also eliminated the need to drive which is beneficial for the staff members. This reduces the company’s carbon footprint while saving the travel expense of the staff.

In today’s world, most of us don’t view our personal life and are all into our work. It is good to prefer working, though, not every time. Cloud service provides flexibility to our workspaces and it is a piece of good news for all the staff and the organization.

There are various options like QuickBooks cloud hosting, Google cloud hosting and others that ensure better security of all your files and data. With features like unlimited storage and multi-user access, the members of an organization can store their data on their hosted desktops and also work collaboratively ensuring completion of work on time and better efficiency.

The staff can complete their work before deadlines and manage to support their co-workers at the very same time. Apart from this, if any of the staff is not well and is finding it difficult to travel, working from home is a good option rather than dying of apprehension.

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