Some Interesting Points you Must know Before Buying Teak picnic benches

Posted by albertareid on September 4th, 2012

The first noted reference of park or picnic benches made from teak is that of the benches made from the decking retrieved from decommissioned British sailing ships. People choose teak because it didn’t corrode if there was contact with iron. Even though the old sailing ships were not worthy for the sea, the teak wood remained in good condition. And, the interesting point is that those teak garden furniture uk are still in used today, even after a century. What is so special about teak that makes it the ideal wood of choice for outdoor furniture?

There is a famous teak garden furniture uk still sitting in the centre of the majestic courtyard in London. People have known for several centuries that benches or other furniture made from teak would continue to last for more than a 100 years even if exposed to the external elements. If you check the public parks in Europe, you would find that they are mostly dotted with teak benches.

There must be some special reason why teak wood has become so much successful for use in making outdoor furniture. Globally, teak has been known for its amazing features that enable outdoor applications. Today, it continues to be used for making decks in cruise ships, sailing ships and for other marine vessels. One source of the qualities of teak wood comes from its dense-grain structure and high oil content. The oil helps in repelling termites and insects, and it prevents water from getting into the grain. Because of these features, it makes the perfect wood for making picnic benches that need to bear the external elements.

There is another perspective to using teak garden furniture uk – it is an environment friendly choice. The very manufacturing process of teak wood leaves only a small affect on the environment. The best quality teak comes from harvested plantations in an east Asian country, Indonesia. At times, the plantations are located far away from the manufacturing units and in inaccessible locations. Therefore, rather than using oil-driven trucks, elephants are the most commonly used mode of transportation.

The outdoor teak picnic benches are made using tenon and mortis joinery. Because of this, there is no need for using screws or nails. So, when you are buying teak furniture, you can check this to know the quality of the construction. If the supplier is using teak wood harvested from government-controlled plantations and not from forests, then you are helping the environment by not contributing to the destruction of natural forests.

Now that you know why teak garden furniture uk is so popular, once you have purchased the furniture, it is important to know how to care of it. There are two options when it comes to taking care of the teak benches. If you prefer the classic silver finish that builds naturally on the surface of the furniture with aging, then you don’t have to do anything. This silver-gray layer is going to form itself with aging and it would protect the wood’s interior. The second option is to varnish the bench from time to time.

There are many benefits associated with the use of teak garden furniture uk, making it so much popular. Visit the website given here and you would be able to save lots of money and get the best teak picnic benches you can find anywhere.

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