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Advantages of LED Lights

Posted by myengineers611 on April 3rd, 2020

Advantages of LED Lights

  1. LED with high luminous efficiency and led lighting technology

After decades of technological improvements, Light Emitting Diode luminous efficiency has been greatly improved. Incandescent, halogen lamp efficiency is 12-24 lm /W, fluorescent tube 50-70 lm /W, sodium 90 ~ 140 lm /W, most of the power loss into heat. Improved LED luminous efficiency will be to achieve up to 50 ~ 200 lm /W, and the monochromatic light is good, narrow spectrum, can be directly visible without the issue of color filters. At present, all countries in the world are stepping up to improve efficiency of this light, in the near future; its luminous efficiency improvement will be greater. Luminous efficiency can find after luminance measurement.

  1. LED source consume less power

The consumption of single Diode is 0.03-0.06W, use DC-driven, the single drive voltage is 1.5-3.5 V, current is 15 to 18 mA. With high reaction speed, can be operated at high frequency. Under the same lighting effects, the power consumption of LED is one-eighth of incandescent bulbs, half of fluorescent tubes, the Japanese expert estimates, if the use of this lighting to replace half of the incandescent and fluorescent lamps in Japan, It will save 6000 million liters crude oil annually. To the bridge lantern as an example, one 40W fluorescent lamp can be replaced by one Light Emitting Diode with only 8 watts, and also this lamp can change color.

Primary colors of light: Light color is the color of the light emitted by a lamp. Light color can be expressed using x, y coordinates as chromacity coordinates in a standard colorimetric system, or, for white light colors, it can also be given as the color temperature TF. 

  1. LED light source with long life span

If use electronic radiation emitting lamp, the filament burning easily, heat deposition, with shortcomings of optical attenuation. But use of LED source are small, less weight, epoxy package and can withstand high-intensity mechanical shock and vibration, hard broken. The average life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours. Life of Light Emitting Diode up to 5-10 years, this lamp can be significantly reduced maintenance costs.

  1. LED lamp safety and reliability

Low heat, no thermal radiation, cold lighting source, can be touched safely: can accurately control light pattern and angle. Light color and soft, no glare; not mercury, sodium and other elements may be hazardous to health. With built-in micro-processing system can control the luminous intensity, adjusting the light-emitting modes to achieve lighting with art.

  1. LED source is beneficial to the environment

Light Emitting Diode luminous body is solid, quake resistance, impact resistance so that not easy broken, recyclable and no pollution. Small lamp source, can be easily produced into smart and portable lighting products, and also easy to install and maintain.

Of course, the energy-efficient is the main reason for us to consider the LED as light source, may be this source is more expensive than traditional one, but within one year it can recover the investment of replace new source, more result 4 to 9 years for energy saving.

Lighting design solutions

  • Determine Lighting Design Criteria
  • Record Architectural Conditions and Constraints
  • Determine Visual Functions and Tasks to Be Served
  • Select Lighting Systems to be used
  • Select Luminary and Lamp Types
  • Determine Number and Location of Luminaries
  • Place Switching and Other Control Devices
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