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Posted by venkysiva on April 4th, 2020

Event management has burst on the academic and applied fields in the last 30 years as an independent entity, although the event product has existed for approximately as long as mankind has existed. Certainly, from recorded time, events have taken a major role in history as part of celebration, religion, community, and even revolution events that have been focal points of importance to residents, regions, and nations. Therefore, the direction of the present paper is to review what is happening in event management today and suggest the future direction that event management will likely take over the next 30 years. 

Making sure you have satisfied attendees at every stage of the event lifecycle is what most organisers strive for when managing events.  It is also one of the most important performance metrics used when measuring event success.  Your guests want to feel their investment of time and money is worth their while – so it’s important to make a good impression, right from the start.

And this is exactly where technology can help.

In fact, keeping your attendees happy and engaged is one of the most important benefits of using event management software. By making things easier for your attendees and offering the right kind of information at the right time, these systems can help create the lasting impressions you need to build engagement and loyalty over time.

1) Invites and Websites Build Excitement    

Creating personalised experiences is something we’ve seen some businesses do very well over recent years.  Think of Google, Spotify and Amazon, all suggesting personalised recommendations based on what they know about us.  In fact, our relationship with them has become so personalised that we’ve come to expect this level of understanding from our other engagements and that includes the event experience.

When a potential attendee reads your event invitation or takes a look at your website they want to feel a connection with the message.  They want to know that it has been personalised and applies to them alone. With event management software you can create your very own personalised messages and web pages regardless of how many attendees you need to look after.  For example, you can build one landing page for your corporate audience and another for your academics.  Both have a vested interest in attending your event – but they have different goals and very different ideas on why your event matters to them.

Event Communication is a Lot Easier

When your attendee has registered it’s super important that the communications they receive from there on in are relevant and timely. Receiving an automatic confirmation of their booking is just the start. You will then want to ensure that they receive regular email updates on all event information. The key is that having started the ‘personalised journey’ you need to continue it on. Event management systems can help you save a lot of time communicating information with attendees. Plus you save your attendee time by sending them only what they need.

All Attendees Can Have Their Say  

You can also use event management software to great effect to enhance your education programme. Many attendees will be happy to vote on issues or pose questions from behind the security blanket of their laptop, mobile or other device. This is where the technology comes into its own. No one attends an event to be left out. Attendees want to be active (otherwise why attend).  Increasing the engagement of your attendees is likely lead to higher satisfaction survey results, which is good for you. However, it is also very good for delegates, they contribute and expand their personal development.

Notifications are Welcomed

Using an event app to keep your attendees up to date with all that happens as the event continues is a great way of enhancing their experience. You will want your delegates to be able to access the very latest event information. You can use push notifications in a variety of ways. Just as your car Sat Nav will always provide you with the quickest route to your destination, so too can a push notification warn you about the length of food lines at lunch. An event app will likely have maps and floorplans enabling attendees to save time in getting around the venue. If a room for a session has changed you can use a push notification to let people know. Communication on the go is important if you really want to enhance your attendees’ experience.

Networking is Enhanced  

Networking with attendees, speakers and suppliers is one of the key reasons that people attend events. In addition to the education that is on offer, attendees come to network and make connections. Think about how your technology can enable attendees to connect before, during and after the event. Enabling attendees to access and use networking tools will enhance their experience.   It will help them connect with other like-minded people at the event, which they will value as it makes good use of their time.  The tools also allow them to control what information they share with others.

You Can Keep Your Content Working   

Even for Superman it would be a challenge to absorb all the great educational content on offer at your event. With many events running simultaneous tracks it’s impossible. This is where access to presentations especially after the event is important. A resource library on the event app offers a good option to help your delegates dig into the content once the event has finished. Even attendees that went to the live session may well want to replay it again on demand. There are always things that can be seen a second time around. It’s one of the reasons that people play the same movie time and again.

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