Avoid Pantry Food! Switch to Food Delivery in Train Service

Posted by railmitra on April 4th, 2020

Have you been hungry for hours on train because of the fear that unhealthy food might affect your health? It's a frustrating experience. For years, the bland and unhygienic food in train has been a persistent issue for passengers along with other concerns of Indian Railways. Though safe and hygienic food is not possible, it's the same condition on railway platforms. So how could you eat something in an environment where stinky garbage makes you incapable of breathing? How do you expect to eat food on a platform with hovering flies? Health concerns like stomach ache, nausea, vomiting tendencies can spoil your journey. The best option in such condition is to choose e-catering in train.  It enables the passengers to get standard and quality food in train thus escalating the taste and crave for fresh food for train journey.
Moving from your cozy couch to a place where people with different cultures and different choices would meet is what we called a train journey. Sharing food is one of the modes of communication in India and a common practice during train travel. Nevertheless, food is becoming a major concern for trains running more than 12 hours and often you have to survive by munching snack items. The quality of food is no longer a big challenge with advancing technological leaps. One can order online food in train journey in advance and one the go.

How can you get hygienic food on the train?
Where should you buy from?
Is food delivered at the seat?

There may be dozens of other such questions revolving around your mind. As a person living in the world of technology you know where to find the answers to your problems. If you have never relished home-like delicious food in train, you can surely take advantage of online food delivery services on the train.
Many trains have pantry cars that cook onboard meals for passengers. However, the consistency of the food served is not much liked by the passengers. The railway department has been thinking to improve the food quality on trains after years of disappointment faced by passengers. In Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto it intends to provide food from a regional point of view. The trains even serve pre-packed food. Hygiene arrangements and cleanliness in pantry cars is a major concern for every passenger.
In fact, private catering companies are obliged to provide quality vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. Much well-known catering brands are in the race for taking order online food in train and serving the passengers their best food they can. You don't need to come out of your comfort zone. The caterer company providing food on the train are well aware of the ambiguities faced by train travelers. Therefore they try to serve you the food of your choice without making you move from your berth. Just order online or through calling and you will in no way fail to appreciate the innovative service of food in train.

Here’re 5 reasons to order online food in train journey:
●    Hygienic Food Options: Hygiene for all food products is a big concern. FSSAI approved restaurants only deliver online orders for food in the trains. Hygiene therefore does not matter if you order food online for train journey
●    Wider Menu Choices: Any traveler can order food in train with a wider range of menu. Choices from pure Indian food to Chinese, Jain and Continental can be ordered.
●    On Seat Delivery Assurance: Food ordered online in train is delivered on passengers’ berth. It enables every traveler to avoid the trouble of leaving the train and other misadventures throughout the train journey if they engage in buying the food for the train on platform.
●    Strict Quality Maintenance: Online food providers in trains maintain strict quality norms to ensure customer satisfaction and hygiene. It encompasses everything from packing to delicious food. The main aim is to proffer quality food and to please customers delight.
●    Avoid Over-Price Food Items: Local station vendors usually charge according to their wishes and earnprofit from increasing food prices as per their preference. Online ordering of food on trains guarantees price stability and money for ordered food too.
Besides the above, you do not have to carry the extra baggage of food when you travel in trains as you can order online food in train of your choice. So, next time when you plan to travel via train, try ordering food online via RailMitra app. Enjoy the ride with flavorful delights served right at your berth. Thus passengers can taste dishes of different cities at their seat from famous restaurants of their choice. You can order food by logging into the website or by calling. Payment can be done through net banking, credit cards or cash on food delivery in train. The passengers must order food 30 minutes before the train arrives at the station. The food is packed in containers which are keeps them warm and fresh.

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