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Posted by AngeloEverton on September 5th, 2012

Some people have a hard enough time dealing with contacts that they do not want to deal with having to open up a new set every day, which is why they prefer Purevision contact lenses. Others like the convenience and clarity by having new lenses every morning, which is why they use Proclear Contact lenses.

Purevision contact lenses are what are known as extended wear lenses, which only need to be disposed of once a month as opposed to every day. Purevision, owned by Bausch and Lomb, has some of the most unique lenses on the market. Purevision contact lenses are not spherical, but neither is the human eye. This makes it possible to wear the lenses for longer without causing any discomfort. These lenses have a light blue tint that makes them easy to discern from the packaging or lens case that is used to hold them. They are made of a silicone hydrogel known as balafilcon A which equates to 64% of their makeup. The remaining 36% is water. Unfortunately, they do not have an inversion mark which can make it difficult to tell whether they are being put in right side out.

Purevision contact lenses for extended wear, undergo a special process where the surface of the lens is bombarded with gas molecules to make the lens wetter and stay wet for longer, allowing for more comfortable visual clarity. Since this is a process where the gases become part of the lens matrix, it will not rub off and thus maintains shape, clarity, and wetness for longer than most contact lenses. The materials and process performed on the surface of the lens also allow for a high oxygen transfer to the eye, which is necessary in order to prevent redness and itching. Purevision contact lenses are not the only ones that are produced with unique features. The Proclear contact lenses made for daily use are also very innovative. They are made from roughly 40% omafilcon A and the remaining 60% or so is water. These lenses are the only ones that have an FDA approved statement about providing improved comfort and wetter eyes.

This is because the Proclear contact lenses will stay 96% hydrated, even after 12 hours of wear. They use a special PC hydration process that contains molecules similar to those found in the cells of the human body. These cells attract and surround themselves with water molecules. Proclear contact lenses weave these water-loving cells into the delicate lenses so that moisture will always be available to provide clear vision and comfortable wear.

Daily contact lenses are often preferred because they require less work in the long run. Rather than having to try to remember to put the correct lens in the correct side of the case, users can just simply throw them away before going to bet and put in a fresh pair every morning. Disposable lenses have the added bonus of keeping the eye cleaner, since the same lenses are not put in day after day.

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