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Posted by AngeloEverton on September 5th, 2012

A look will be taken at the various options that are available when it comes to cosmetic lenses. Attention will also be paid to the different options that are available to customers as far as purevision contact lenses and freshlook colourblends are concerned.

Technology today has advanced to the point that not only can we get contact lenses for our particular vision problems, but we can also get them for a more cosmetic use. The fact of the matter is that these contact lenses perform in basically the same way that regular contact lenses do- they help us to see better, they protect our eyes from the effects of UV A& B rays as well as they protect our eyes from irritating allergens. Purevision contact lenses and now Freshlook colorblends are allowing us to wear prescription contact lenses that also double up as cosmetic lenses.

A cosmetic lens is often used to change the way that we look. Whether we were born with green eyes and want to change them to yellow or we were born with blue eyes and want to change them to pink, freshlook colourblends give us the opportunity to change that aspect of ourselves without that change being permanent. Purevision contact lenses are revolutionary in the sense that they can be used for up to 24 hours a day (safely) and for up to a month (both days and nights). As a vision aid, these lenses offer comfort and are highly functional.

The Freshlook colourblends and the purevision contact lenses allow for optimum comfort, whether the lenses are being worn for medical reasons or even for cosmetic purposes. The fact that technology in eye care has advanced to the point that you now have cosmetic and medical contact lenses that can be either soft lens or hard lens has left many vision patients in the mood to celebrate. Not only that but these patients are thankful that the technology behind these lenses allows them to change their contact lenses either on a daily basis (if they so choose), or on a monthly basis. These days it is more about choosing to wear your contact lenses for a particular amount of time, not because you have to but because you want to.

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