The price of free online games

Posted by Mords1944 on April 7th, 2020

Free online games are not free.

I say this statement based on my experience. They cost something and often cost more than you think.

I'm not a scientist, and I'm definitely not an economist. But what I am is a rational man (most of the time).

Here are some things I want to say about these free games that float on the Internet and on mobile devices.

Free online games cost you time.

Free games can be time consuming and decrease productivity. It will take you longer to do a task because the time for free games consumes time for work. The worst of it is something or should I say that most people are playing during office hours. Farmville, the pet society, and all of those Facebook games look innocent, but in reality they are empty of time. I recently read on the news that companies have banned Facebook from company networks to prevent their employees from playing online games specifically on the Facebook website.

Free online games consume electricity.

It will drain the batteries in your phone, tablet or laptop, which will make you charge more often. Charging batteries more frequently consumes more electricity, resulting in a higher electricity bill. The same is true for desktop computers.

Free online games can kill your relationships in real life.

As you become more addicted to beating level 14 in brain out free games, you can use the time you can spend relating to loved ones or physically interacting with real-life people. Some will counter this by saying that friendships are born from being connected to other online players. I wouldn't rate that connection as friendship. Would those people help you if you have a problem in real life? Could they give you the same comfort as a real hug?

I've even heard of people who form romantic relationships with their online friends and end up leaving their real-life peers. Just pathetic.

Free online games cost you money.

Even if online games are free, the cost of Internet access and maintenance of your electronic devices is still there. In some games, if you want to upgrade your characters or access special levels, you must buy items and levels through online transactions or buy prepaid credits from retailers.

It has already been the subject of many television shows: Many school-age children spend lunch money just to play in internet stores. Students skip classes just to spend money paying for Internet access outside of their homes. It is no surprise that there are internet shops everywhere, especially near schools.

Free online games are fun, but you should be aware of the effects of spending too much time with them. If you're not careful, free online games may cost you more than you bargained for.

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