Automotive Control Computers Market Sales Revenue,Industry Growth Analysis

Posted by anna12 on April 8th, 2020

Automotive Control Computers: Introduction

  • The automotive control computer system is an advanced technology that controls vehicle operations by using various sensors including temperature sensors and speed sensors. Every vehicle has one computer that controls vehicle engine performance as well as vehicle emission.
  • The electronic control unit (ECU) in the vehicle is a type of computer that controls all vehicle functions. The intelligent dashboard, which consist of air conditioner and display, helps in navigation. The airbag, anti-lock braking system, and traction control system are also computer systems integrated in vehicles and are employed to enhance safety.

Key drivers of automotive control computers market

  • Rise in demand for advance drive assist system and automatic transmission system in vehicles is fueling the demand for electronic components in the vehicle, which in turn is projected to boost the automotive control computers market. Every vehicle manufacturer is trying to integrate safety features, including computer based systems such as perimeter monitoring system and antitheft lock system. This is fueling the automotive control computers market. Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) has been developing a standard design for the integration of ECU hardware and software applications in the last few years, which is estimated to propel the automotive control computer market.

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  • Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier-1 supplier across the globe are developing new technologies. Demand of automotive vehicles is increasing across the globe, which in turn is projected to propel the automotive control computer market. Vehicles are equipped with the advanced safety systems or features, including Night vision camera and pre-crash seat belt that are computer controlled systems, which in turn is fueling the automotive control computer market.

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