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Fire alarm system installation

Posted by Jolie Group on April 8th, 2020

Anyone need to install a fire detection system should get some basic awareness on fire alarm systems basics:

  1. Know the Types of fire alarm systems

Conventional fire alarm system:

With simple features, low cost, conventional fire alarm systems are only suitable for installation in small or medium sized companies (about a few thousand m2), the number of departments is not much (several dozen rooms), installation for small houses, workshops ...

The devices in the system are connected in series and connected to fire alarm control panel, so when a problem occurs, the center can only generalize and display the entire zone that the system has supervise (but do not indicate the exact position of each detector, each fire location). This limits the ability of the supervisor to handle.

Addressable fire alarm system

With high technical features, the addressable fire alarm system is used for installation in companies where the site is large (several tens of thousands of m2), divided into many independent areas, departments in each, separate areas together. Each device in the system is directly connected to the fire alarm control panel to help the center receive signals of fire occurrence in each area and each location clearly and accurately.From there, the center can identify incident information in detail and be displayed on a display board to help supervisors can handle the problem quickly.

  1. Fire alarm systems brands

 Currently on the market there are a variety of fire alarms of different sizes, designs as well as features. These include famous alarms from brands like Honeywell, Simens, Sectron, Horing, Hochiki, Yuanyang, Chungmei...

Each type of bell will have its advantages as well as specific to suit each certain condition.

In terms of features, alarms can be divided into polarized and waterproof fire alarms.

l  Polarizing bells are made of cast iron and use direct current motors. Bells are often installed and used in environments such as offices, companies, tall buildings...

l  A waterproof ring is a device that is water resistant. They can be installed in places with severe weather conditions such as outdoors, kitchens, factories or places with high humidity. Because the bell is resistant to water and moisture, when installed in places with severe weather conditions such as this can still work well without causing moisture or rusting the device.

  1. Fire alarm system design

 Check the drawing, plan the installation of the system

Before installing the fire alarm system, it is necessary to check the installation requirements, fire alarm options and what are the authority having jurisdiction of your country. Know the fire alarm code that is applied in your country.

Check and recalculate the number of necessary devices matching the drawings and the number of each Loop.

Calculating the power source used for equipment (bell light, siren, etc.), peripheral devices including control devices, if any, if not enough, the auxiliary power supply unit for fire alarm control panels must be used.

Determine the type of detector

Fire alarm detectors are usually divided into 3 types: smoke detectors, heat detectors and manual detectors. Depending on the project the region that selects the type that fits the region.

Conventional fire detector

As a simple type of fire detector which can only detect fire, it is not able to determine such parameters as sensor, position, etc. When there is a fire detector will indicate a channel that is burnt, not determine the exact location of fire.

Smoke detector: Using analytical sensor, identify smoke in the air component to give a fire warning.

-Ion smoke detector

Ion smoke detector is based on the conductive effect of air when ionized, using an ion chamber to detect smoke. This chamber is divided into 2 compartments, 1 closed so that the smoke is hard to get in and is called the sample compartment, and the other 1 compartment for regular contact with the outside is called analytical compartment.

-Optical smoke detector

Optical smoke detector is a fire detector manufactured by the principle of diffusion and absorption of light by smoke molecules as light passes through the air. Smoke generated by fire affects the flow of light particles moving through the air normally. Smoke can block or obscure light. They are also causes of light rays being refracted and dislocated. Optical smoke detectors have been designed based on the light principles and the effects of smoke on them.

-Heat detector

Heat detectors are fire detectors designed based on the principle of the increase in the ambient temperature where the fire occurs. When there is a fire, heat is released and they are dispersed to surrounding areas through heat transfer or air convection.

-Fixed heat detector

The simplest type is composed of a temperature sensor that measures the ambient air temperature. Temperature threshold depends on the requirements that produce the thresholds: 57, 70, 100 degrees C.

-Heat detector rate of rise

A heat detector that will operate and keep the signal to the center. Temperature sensor measures the change in ambient air temperature. If the temperature rises from 5-7 degrees Celsius per minute, the detector will give a alarm signal

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